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Internationally Recognized Cyber Security Certifications

      • C)ISSO Certified Information Systems Security Officer
      • C)PTE Certified Penetration Testing Engineer
      • C)PEH Certified Professional Ethical Hacker
      • C)PTC Certified Penetration Testing Consultant
      • C)DRE Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer
      • C)DFE Certified Digital Forensics Examiner
      • C)NFE Certified Network Forensics Examiner
      • C)SWAE Certified Secure Web Applications Engineer
      • C)IHE Certified Incident Handling Engineer
      • C)WSE Certified Wireless Security Engineer
      • C)SS Certified Security Sentinel
      • ISCAP Information Systems Certification and Accreditation Professional
      • C)VA Certified Vulnerability Assessor
      • C)SLO Certified Security Leadership Officer
      • CISMS-LA Certified Information Security Management Systems Lead Implementer
      • C)ISMS-LI Certified Information Security Management Systems Lead Auditor
      • C)ISSA Certified Information Systems Security Auditor
      • C)ISSM Certified Information Systems Security Manager
      • C)ISRM Certified Information Systems Risk Manager
      • IS20 Security Controls


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CEH vs CPTE (formerly CPTS)

Little Known History.
Mile2 was largely responsible for the early adoption and success of EC-Council's Certified Ethical Hacker Course within the USA and several other countries. At the time, Mile2 was the world's largest provider of Penetration Testing training and initially chose the basic CEH training course as our flagship for Penetration Testing training events. For a long time, Mile2 delivered more CEH classes within the USA than any other training provider.

Mile2's almost perfect student evaluations of its Certified Ethical Hacker events were due largely to the proprietary enhancements Mile2 made to the basic CEH curriculum. New threats arose daily and Mile2 developed enhancements to keep CEH current as materials printed in large quantities and shipped in from Asia tended to have a short shelf life. In contrast, CPTS (now CPTEngineer) materials were printed the week before class to accommodate constant security changes.

Eventually Mile2 chose to supercede CEH with a series of classes with a focus on "Professional Penetration Testing" rather than simply teaching "Hacking Techniques". The result was the release of our CPT line of classes. We, and many of our graduates (experienced with both CEH and m2 products), believe and strongly recommend to future students that our classes are now the best courses available globally. CPTE CBT courses are also avaiable at our E-store.

A few key differences.

CPTE was developed by Mile2 and its security partners as an upgrade from the CEH classes previously offered to address the training needs of IT professionals required in executing the responsibilities of penetrating, analyzing and auditing the security of a network, effectively filling the gap for a course that goes beyond basic hacking techniques

• CPTE places emphasis on methodology, practices, and techniques in assessing and verifying security vulnerabilities in networks, connectivity, applications, databases etc.

• CPTE courses are designed with a realization that overloading students with tools and slides does not necessarily make more effectively security practitioners.

• Mile2 employs instructors who eat, sleep and drink security. They practice what they teach, they perform penetration tests and work in the hands on arena of security. In contrast, a CEH delivered by non-Mile2 partners are likely to have an instructor that can only teach what is in the book because they are required to maintain "general" training skills in order to teach a myriad of other topics between each CEH class which may only be once every two or three months. An important point to remember is that the additional materials developed by Mile2 when it was EC-Council’s largest customer are no longer included in the CEH course materials

Read some example reflections of an instructor, who has taught both, says about CEH vs CPTE.

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