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Mile2® Regional ATCs of the Year 2014

Mile2® congratulates the best mile2® Authorized Training Centers of 2014. This is a monumental achievement as over 100 locations around the globe compete for this prestigious award.  Only one ATC in each region is chosen on an annual basis who we feel has performed to the 2nd mile! Again, congratulations!


Raymond Friedman, CEO




I.T. Security Experts LTD. -
“I.T. Security Experts is a European cyber security training leader which expands through not only Europe but into the Middle East. They are the fastest growing mile2 partner in the world and have won this prestigous award in back to back in years". 

North America

Merit Network Inc. -

"Merit Network, Inc. is a nonprofit, member-owned organization formed in 1966 to design and implement a computer network between public universities in Michigan. After nearly 50 years of innovation, Merit continues to provide high-performance networking and services to the research and education communities in Michigan and beyond. In 2013, Merit Network partnered with mile2 to become one of mile2’s U.S. leaders in cyber security certification training worldwide!"



ASTER is one of the most recognized training centers in Mexico. They have over 20 years experience in the market place and is the fastest growing mile2 ATC in LATAM.

Middle East

IT Security C&T -

IT Security C&T is a professional and creative development training company in the Middle East and is a provider of the most cutting edge cyber security training,
 consultancy, and research services in the fields of education and information 
technology. Because of their success, they were appointed to be a regional distributor in the Middle East for 2015 and they will be managing all of the ATC's in that region.


Nexperts Academy Sdn Bhd -
Nexperts Academy was established in 2010 and quickly became one of the leading partners in Asia in providing CISCO and mile2 certifications for 2014.


Global Destributor of the Year


Concep-two is one of our newest regional distributors and they have become one of the leading mile2 distributors in the world. They have managed to gain over 20 ATC's in a span of a year. They are creative, Innovative and for this, we award them the mile2 distributors of the year!

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