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Social Engineering

Key Data
Social Engineering Sentinel Course Description  

Course Name: Social Engineering Sentinel

Duration: N/A

Language: English

• Instructor-led classroom
• Computer Based Training
• Live Virtual Training

• Experience in at least 2 modules of the outline is beneficial but not required

Student Materials:
• Student Workbook
• Student CD
• Key Security Concepts & Definitions Book
• Quick Tips section, Summary section
• Questions and answers for each module

This course is not specifically targeted at IT or security personnel alone, but rather is designed to teach participants the skills used by Social Engineers to facilitate the extraction of information from an organization using technical and non-technical methods. You have an obligation to your organization in that you need to educate your people to be on the lookout for this perpetrator. This course will expose you to the characteristics and modus operandi of social engineers in order that you may perform your duty accordingly.

Understanding the Social Engineer: The social engineer is perhaps the ultimate confidence trickster in the IT security environment because he can readily impersonate someone who can be trusted. He is a master at identifying people’s sense of pain or pleasure with a view to getting them to divulge information while mistakenly believing that it is something beneficial to them. The successful Social Engineer is free from the fear of first contact. Social engineers are confident in themselves and in their ability to make that first contact with the identified victim. Additionally, but not entirely required, is their ability to act or be convincing in storytelling. At minimum, prospective Social Engineers can be seen willing to try to break out of their social shell, to interact with others and to work at the art of social engineering.

Course Structure:
Recognizing the foregoing profile of the Social Engineer, this course is designed to be an interactive class where you will need to think, react and observe. You need to be introspective and be warned that you may have some uncomfortable moments. Your technical expertise may not stand you in good stead; you are going to be converted into a “Social Martial Artist”


  • What motivates a Social Engineer?
    • How you react to a threat
    • What plans you have for threats
    • The two general categories of motivation
  • Why people help Social Engineers
    • The difference between knowingly and unknowingly.
    • The difference between known and unknown
    • How we are all wired to fall for a Social Engineer
  • How to plan a Social Engineer attack
  • How to analyze your culture
  • Why the door may need to be partially open
  • Developing your Defense Plan
    • Getting Employees to Buy-In
    • How to do Identify your Small Group Leaders
    • How to Make Them Retain the Skills!