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About Mile 2

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Going the Extra Mile 

During the reign of the Ancient Roman Empire, a soldier could command any citizen to carry his load for approximately one mile and the citizen could not refuse. As you can imagine, the practice was often abused and became a source of contestation between the soldiers and citizens of Rome. This was such a strong area of tension that it is addressed in the Book of Matthew…”If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.” - Our modern terminology would say “Go the Extra Mile.”

The growing problem of cyber threats via ‘malicious hackers’ has forced many companies to carry the burden of installing cyber security teams and we here at Mile2 are dedicated to ensuring than anyone taking our courses is prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ for the systems they are protecting. We are a globally respected Cyber Security Organization that focuses on cybersecurity training for government and corporate entities who understand the value of “knowing your enemy.” 

Through our proprietary vendor-neutral course work our students get AHEAD of the game, rather than just responding to threats as the arise. Mile2 certification courses teach fundamental and advanced principles of cyber security. These courses follow a track that leads to advanced hands-on skills training for penetration testing, disaster recovery, incident handling, and network forensics. By training businesses and organizations to think like an attacker, their intellectual property and data remain secure.

Coursework for Today's Needs

Our classroom content and certifications are based on the real world needs of government, public, and private sector entities.  Due to our outstanding history of providing leadership in the cyber security certification sector.  Organizations, like the ones listed below, have requested customized INFOSEC training from Mile2.  We then, pass on that accredited training to our students.  All of our certifications are accredited by NICCS and the NSA CNSS 4011-4016, are role-based, and offered in 13 different career path areas.

• C)ISSO (Certified Information Systems Security Officer for the Canadian Department of National Defense;

• C)PTE (Certified Penetration Testing Engineer) – for the United States Air Force;

• C)NFE (Certified Network Forensics Examiner) – for a United States Counterintelligence Agency

• C)SWAE (Certified Secure Web Application Engineer) for Boeing Aerospace.

Our Leadership

Raymond Friedman 

Our CEO, Raymond Friedman has been immersed in the INFOSEC sector for almost 20 years. Presently he carries several certifications and advanced degrees such as the Master of Science in Accounting – Forensics & Controllership, the Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Information Systems Security Officer, Certified Penetration Testing Engineer, and Certified Digital Forensics Examiner.

Through his knowledge and hands-on expertise in performing security audits, penetration tests and digital forensics services, he was able to develop the Certified Penetration Testing Certificate which has gained global popularity after being accredited by the NSA CNSS and accepted on the Homeland's Security NICCS training schedule. Since then, he has expanded Mile 2 certifications to over 40 offerings which cover 12 different career areas.