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Mile2 Instructors & Authors

 Duane Anderson


Mile2 Sr. Instructor/Developer

Duane has been involved in the cybersecurity arena for over 20 years. During that time, he has developed new technologies and methodologies in the INFOSEC field that have enabled Mile2’s cyber range as an industry-leading standard. Duane is considered to be an expert in the cloud, virtualization and network pen testing industry. Duane is multi-certified with Mile2, CompTIA+, VMware as well as other globally known accredited organizations. 

Consulting: Duane has been consulting for over 20 years. Some projects he’s managed range from incident handling events, virtualization and cloud implementations, network penetration testing, DR/BCP policy management, network auditing and vulnerability assessments.

Instructor: Being not only multi-certified but having diverse expertise in Microsoft Windows, Linux, InformationSsystems and ethical hacking, Duane can instruct over 30 different courses. Duane is not only certified to teach with other vendors but is a master instructor for Mile2.

Developer & Author: Duane has not only contributed to countless VMware and Mile2 courses but is the author of the  Certified Penetration Testing Engineer lab guide. Some other courses Duane has authored are the newest Certified Cloud Security Officer, Certified Professional Hacker, and the Certified Virtualization Engineer.



Mile2 Sr. Instructor/Developer

John has been in the Information Technology industry for over 11 years mastering disciplines in Cyber Security, Virtualization, Internet Technology and Information Systems. John is bilingual and works as both a consultant and master mile2 instructor in the United States, Europe and Asia.

John has a long history in the INFOSEC industry. He’s been involved in high level projects that not only range from securing virtualization environments, but also implementing complex controls to ensure network security. John has many expertise and has been involved in the following disciplines for over 10 years in both the private and public sector:

•  Microsoft Systems: AD, DNS, DHCP, MS Exchange, SQL, ISA, TMG, SCCM, VDI
•  VMWare: ESXi, vSphere, VSAN, Horizon View
•  Cisco: Switching, Routing, Firewall (ASA), VOIP
•  Security: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Incident Handling
•  Linux: used Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian) for Penetration testing
•  Firewall: Palo Alto, Astaro, ASA, Fortinet, Forefront
•  Storage: SAN, NAS, VSAN (VMWare SAN)
•  Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

John the developer: John is responsible for developing Cloud Security courses, Comptia+, Cloud+, and Mile2’s C)PEH: Certified Professional Ethical Hacker.

Languages: English, French and Arabic


Johnny J C)DFE, CEI, CSSA, ECSA, CHFI, Linux+, and CEH

Mile2 Sr. Instructor/Developer

Johnny has been in the U.S. Army for over 17 years working as a Counterintelligence Agent (Computer Forensics, 12 years). He has been teaching UNIX/LINUX, Network Essentials, and Theories and Application/Digital Technology at the college level. He developed several high level Linux and Digital Forensics course curriculum. Johnny holds a variety of certifications: C)DFE, C)NFE, C)VA, OSCP, CEI, CEH, CHFI, ECSA, CSSA, and Linux+.

Johnny authored the Certified Digital Forensics Examiner course at Mile2 and was featured in eforensics magazine. he graduated Magna Cum-Laude in 2012 from Nova Southeastern University with a Master's of Science degree in Computer Science Education. 



Mile2 Instructor and Course Content Writer

Kevin is an international author, consultant and international speaker. He is the official course development writer for ISC2 CISSP, ISACA CRISC and mile2’s C)ISSO. Kevin has been educating IT professionals  for over 30 years. He also provides cyber security consulting and support services for organizations around the world. Assisting them with setting up Information Security programs and addressing areas ranging from in-depth risk analysis to policy creation and security awareness.

Recently, Kevin authored the latest C)PTE - Certified Penetration Testing Engineer prep guide titled: ISBN# 978-1-84928-371-7


Eric D:  CISSP, C)ISSO, C)PTC, C)PTE, C)NFE, Linux+

Mile2 Sr. Instructor/Developer

Eric has over 10 years’ experience as a cyber-security instructor and information assurance expert. He served in the US Army for 8 years and led several wartime cyber-attack missions under the Joint Cyber Attack Team (JCAT), Cyber Command.

During his military tenure, Eric’s capabilities led him to work under the National Security Agency. While he was in the NSA, he conducted many computer network operations that included penetration tests, advanced forensics, and malware analysis in some of the most complex incident handling events.

After the US Army, Eric worked for NASA as a Security Analyst where he was responsible for engineering and protecting high-level security systems for one of the world’s fastest supercomputers. In addition, Eric is also responsible for testing advanced exploits, XSS vectors and engineering comprehensive security solutions.

Eric is an expert in penetration testing, cyber attacker methodologies, incident handling, malware analysis, threat mitigation, network forensics, linux/unix systems & scripts and content development. Presently Eric works for Mile2 as a cyber-security researcher and instructor.



Mile2 Sr. Instructor/Developer

John has over 30 years of both IT and cybersecurity consulting experience all over the world. John has worked for CIDA –Canadian International Development Agency, DND, and various Canadian government and private sectors executing numerous consulting assignments.  He’s an expert in Disaster Recovery, IS Management, Cyber Security Control implementation, Auditing and Risk Management.

Instructor: John has over 40 years of instructional experience teaching IS Management, Top 20 security controls, DR – BCP, Auditing & Risk management courses. John has taught for ISC2, ISACA, and is a master at delivering both mile2's CISSO and CISSP, delivering over 300 CISSP courses.

Developer: John is an author and contributor to the most recent mile2 courses; CHISSP –Healthcare, IS Security Practitioner, CISSM prep guide, CISSA – IS Security Auditor, ISCAP – IS Certification & Accreditation 


Randy K MCT, MCSE, MCSA, MCAD, MCDBA, Net+, Security+, C)PTE, CEH, C)ISSO

Mile2 Sr. Instructor/Developer

Randy has over 20 years of both consulting and instructional experience.

Randy has an extensive background in government sector as well as the financial industry. He’s an expert in Microsoft applications, network security, penetration testing and ethical hacking.

Randy has contributed towards the development of the Certified Penetration Testing Engineer labs. 



Mile2 Sr. Instructor/Developer

Azzeddine is a master instructor and comes with an array of expertise in the information security development arena. Azzeddine has over 15 years of experience in information security, secure coding, web application testing,  network security, BCP and telecommunications.

Instructor: Azzeddine is a mile2 senior instructor. He has over 20 certifications and regularly instructs in Canada, France and North Africa. He speaks several languages which include English, French, Portugues and Arabic.

Consultant: Azzeddine is a Senior Enterprise Security Architect consultant and works closely with law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and security defense establishments. A majority of  Azzeddine's consulting evolves around implamenting contols, performing audits and developing cybersecurity certification programs to strengthen the organisations security posture.

Associations, Development and Certifications: Azzeddine holds a plethora of certifications but his mastery is the C)SWAE, C)SCE, C)DRE, C)PTC and CEH certification. Azzeddine has developed latest mile2’s C)PTE & C)SWAE lab guide. Since 2008, Azzedine holds a seat on the OWASP board in Morrocco and leads OWASP's and mile2 certification expansion efforts in Canada, France and North Africa.



Mile2 Sr. Instructor/Developer

Luis Lepe has been programming and developing professionally for 20+ years and has been a consultant and certification instructor for over 15+ years. He’s an expert pen tester in both networking and application testing. Luis is also certified with many industry leading certifications and can teach in several different languages.

Luis the consultant: Luis has a long track record of successful projects ranging from emergency incident events to virtualization, from government websites to industrial automating solutions. His main focus for his clients are securing his customers intellectual property/company assets through vulnerability assessments, and network/web application penetration tests. He’s a master of the top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities and stays abreast to the most current web application vulnerabilities.

Luis the instructor: Having expert knowledge and a plethora of certifications pertaining to Linux, Windows, Web Development, Networking Infrastructure, Databases, Ethical hacking and several programming languages, gives him a broad perspective that helps him achieve his customers’ goals when it comes to instructional services. He’s a certified trainer for Microsoft, Novell and is a master instructor for Mile2’s  Certified Penetration Testing Engineer and Certified Secure Web Application Engineer courses (He's also certified for the CPEH, CDFE and CISSO). 

Luis the course developer and author: His contributions and knowledge led him to be invited to work with Mile2 on the CSWAE labs and courses. Luis is presently spearheading an innovative online banking application called mile2 hakbanc, that will help developers implement OWASP’s top 10 vulnerabilities in the banking and healthcare industry.


Haseen Usman Ahmed:  MS IT, MBA MIS, ISCAP, CSLO, CISRM, CISSO, C|CISO, CPTC, LPT, CISSA, ISMS Lead Auditor, ISMS Lead Implementer, IS 20 Critical Security Controls, CNFE, CWSP, ECSA, CPEH, CPTE, CDFE, CDRE, CIHE, CHFI, CSCE, CSWAE, GPEN, CCTA, CCIP & many others.

Mile2 Sr. Instructor/Developer

General: Haseen Usman has more than 15 years of experience in information security for enterprise security, IS program development, security compliance audits, advanced digital forensics & threat hunting, malware reverse engineering, and technical security assessments.

Instructor: Haseen Usman is a mile2 master instructor. He has numerous certifications across advance information security disciplines and regularly instructs. As an active speaker, he has conducted various conferences and trained thousands of security professionals globally in different disciplines of information security.

Consulting: Haseen has vast experience across multiple industries. He is specialized in delivering services Compromise assessments, compliance testing, cyber threat intelligence, cyber incident hunting. He has a significant amount of expertise in PCI DSS compliance, ISMS, BCM, ITSM, Risk Management, compliance implementations, and organization certifications for security standards. 

Author & Contributor: Haseen is also the author of a book on PCI DSS 3.2 and author/contributor for information security certifications, IS security standards.