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Cyber Security Training Certification Courses

Mile2® develops and delivers proprietary vendor neutral professional certifications for the cyber security industry. Mile2® administers cyber security certification exams through the MACS (Mile2 Assessment and Certification System) system via Mile2® cyber security training certification courses teach the fundamental and advanced principles of cyber security. Training courses follow a certification track that leads to advanced hands-on skills training for penetration testing, disaster recovery, incident handling, and network forensics. Mile2® also provides Information Assurance training certification that meets military, government, private sector and institutional specifications. Mile2® is known for a robust list of cyber security certifications for prominent global organizations such as:
Cyber Security Training Certification Courses are offered in class or online and include live instructor led sessions, video streaming and self-study modules allowing students and IT Professionals to work at their own pace and on their own schedules.


Cyber Security Certification Roadmap

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Career Area Fundamental Foundational Specialized Advanced
Security Awareness Certified Security Awareness 1 CSA2 Certified Security Awareness 2    
IS Management Leadership csplab Certified Information Systems Security Officer IS 20 Security Controls  CSLO
Pen Testing & Hacking cvalab cpehlab cptelab



Incident Handling csplab Certified Information Systems Security Officer cihelab  
Forensics csplab cdfelab cvfelab cnfelab
Disaster Recovery csplab Certified Information Systems Security Officer cdrelab  
Healthcare csplab Certified Information Systems Security Officer   CHISSP - Certified Healthcare Information Systems Security Professional  
Auditing csplab Certified Information Systems Security Officer

Certified Information Security Management Systems Lead Auditor

ertified Information Security Management Systems Lead Implementer

Application & Secure Code csplab Certified Information Systems Security Officer cswaelab  
Cloud Security  cvcplab cvelabs ccsolab  
Virtualization cvcplab cvelabs cvselab  
IS Management Electives CISSM - Certified Information Systems Security Manager CISRM - Certified Information Systems Risk Manager ISCAP - Information Systems Certification & Accreditation Proffessional CISS - Certified IPv6 Security Specialist
Cyber Warfare Red Team Blue Team 1 Red Team Blue Team 2    

Other Certification Training: ISACA CISM & CISA, CompTIA Linux+ & Security+, ISC2 CISSP

Asset 114  Classes Include Cyber Range Labs

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Key Data
C)ISSO - Certified Information Systems Security Officer   

Course Name:

C)ISSO  Certified Information Systems Security Officer


Certification Map:
Network+, Security+, Linux+


Duration: 5 days



Language: English


• Instructor-led classroom
• Computer Based Training
• Live Virtual Training



• Experience in at least 2 modules of the outline is beneficial but not required



Student Materials:
• Student Workbook
• Student CD
• Key Security Concepts & Definitions Book
• Quick Tips section, Summary section
• Questions and answers for each module





Why is mile2's Certified ISSO better than other general security training courses?


Major Points: 

C)ISSO initiative was derived by DND.


C)ISSO is an upgrade to the Certified Information Systems Security Professional.


C)ISSO is updated every 3-6 months.


C)ISSO covers 18 modules verses 10 Domains of Certified Information Systems Security Professional.


C)ISSO covers not only the Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam objectives but also covers the Information Systems Management and relevant Security management subjects, which Certified Information Systems Security Professional does not. 


C)ISSO official contributors and editors are Michael James Stewart (author of 75 books), including the Sybex Certified Information Systems Security Professional. In addition, we have included an official author to the official ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional developer to contribute and ensure the quality control required to be the very best IS management certification in the industry.


The Mile2, C)ISSO was officially chosen over ISC2 and other international certifications by KPMG Global for their management and IT team members.



Conclusion: C)ISSO is the alternative and upgrade to the Certified Information Systems Security Professional because it's more robust, comprehensive and up to date. 



More information as to why mile2 is the chosen cyber security IS course:


The C)ISSO certification was inspired by the DND, chosen by KPMG and is recognized worldwide as the most updated and robust Cyber Security certification in the field of information security. In addition, the C)ISSO is now validated by the NSA/CNSS.  The C)ISSO exam is administered on-line by mile2's MACS system. Thousands of students worldwide have taken and passed the on line C)ISSO exam. The C)ISSO exam is about half the fee of other competing certifications!   


mile2®’s C)ISSO, is a certification that was derived from a dual initiative between the DOD and DND. 
Defined in in this dual initiative titled CANUS CDISM MOU - ID#: 1974100118 found at:

In the CANUS CDISM MOU it states the following:

A. The CDRSN National Information System Security Officer (ISSO) is the focal point for all security issues pertaining to this network.

B. The Director Information Management Security (DIMSECUR) is the DND authority for security assessment of the CDRSN, including the approval of Interim Authority to Process (IAP) and Authority to Communicate.
With these initiatives in mind, mile2® created a certification for the ISSO called the Certified ISSO.


Major differences from the leading general security certifications: 




Certified Information Systems Security Professional


Module 0 - Introduction: ISSO
Module 1 - Risk Management
Module 2 - Security Management
Module 3 – Authentication
Module 4 - Access Control
Module 5 - Security Models & Evaluation Criteria
Module 6 - Operations Security
Module 7 - Symmetric Cryptography & Hashing
Module 8 - Asymmetric Cryptography & PKI
Module 9 - Network Connections
Module 10 - Network Protocols and Devices
Module 11 - Telephony, VPNs and Wireless
Module 12 - Security Architecture & Attacks
Module 13 - Software Development Security
Module 14 - Database Security &System    Development
Module 15 - Business Continuity
Module 16 - Disaster Recovery
Module 17 - Incident Management, Law, & Ethics
Module 18 - Physical Security


Domain 1 - Information Security and Risk Management
Domain 2 - Access Control
Domain 3 - Cryptography
Domain 4 - Physical (Environmental) Security
Domain 5 - Security Architecture and Design
Domain 6 - Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
Domain 7 - Telecommunications and Network Security
Domain 8 - Application Security
Domain 9 - Operations Security
Domain 10 - Legal, Regulations, Compliance, and Investigations


2 hours – 100 Questions online through Mile2s MACS

4 hours – 200 Questions
Paper and Pencil

6  hours – 250 Questions Vue/ Paper Pencil


Department of National Defense



 FEE                                                                    $300                                                                $550                                                              $600

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