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Mile2 Cyber Security Academy Partner Program


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The Mile2 Cyber Security Academy Partner Program is designed to provide a pathway for students towards a rewarding, high-growth cybersecurity career. This program is open to educational institutions (Colleges and Universities) that grant diplomas or degrees, and to non-profit or government training organizations. 

The Mile2 Cyber Security Academy Partner Program provides substantial incentives and resources to help Academy Partners support the acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary for important industry IT credentials.

Mile2’s Cyber Security Academy is used by colleges and universities all over the world. Our certifications have been implemented in regionally accredited undergraduate and graduate programs. 

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Academy Benefits

  • CYBER SECURITY CURRICULA: Over 30 vendor-neutral certification programs, from foundational to expert - with the focus on knowledge sharing and hands-on skills development.
  • FINANCIAL INCENTIVES: Discounts on certification exam vouchers and courseware.
  • MARKETING TOOLS & RESOURCES: Use of Mile2 logo(s), marketing materials, templates and co-branded collateral.
  • MILE2 PUBLIC LISTING: Listing in Mile2’s partner on-line directory.
  • INSTRUCTOR TOOLS & RESOURCES: Quickly ramp up your existing instructors to teach Mile2 courses/certifications with our Train the Trainer Program.
  • ON-LINE COMMUNITY FORUM: Instructors and students will have access to Mile2’s community forum discussing course content & hands-on labs, mile2 certification exam questions, and mile2’s cyber range
  • Discounted Combo UPGRADE: Each student may receive the Ultimate E-Combo: Certification Exam Voucher (w/1 free retake), E-Book & Lab guide,  Exam simulator and  Course Video (a $1650 value) 
  • FAST BOOT-UP: Quickly and easily integrate Mile2 content into existing school courses (programs)
  • PROVIDE COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT: The Cyber Academy Partner Program includes the tools and resources that administrators and instructors need to plan, prepare, and deliver a Cyber Security curriculum. 
  • PREPARE STUDENTS FOR CYBERSECURITY CAREERS: The Cyber Academy Partner Program enables students to acquire the necessary cyber security knowledge and skills for a successful cybersecurity career path
  • CYBER RANGE LABS: The Cyber Academy Partner Program has options to include hands-on labs that are job role specific. Students are exposed to real-world scenarios  - preparing them for cybersecurity-related job roles.


Cyber Range

  • REAL-WORLD EXERCISES: Mile2's  Cyber Range provides in-depth cyber security exercises that can gauge your skills that emulate real-world cybersecurity events.
  • RED TEAM / BLUE TEAM: Simulate and counter respond to multiple threats through pen testing, ethical hacking, incident handling, forensics, web application, virtualization and cloud computing lab exercises.
  • REAL TOOLS: The Cyber Range gives you the ability to use some of the best, most effective tools in the industry, including commercial tools like SAINT as well as a wide range of open source tools.


Wage Potential**


Cyber Security Salary Potential


Mile2 Accreditations


 Committee On National Security Systems CNSS  Government Department of Defence Cyber Security NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology Cyber Security  NICCS National Inititive for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies 


Featured Partners


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Cyber Security Academy Requirements

*You will need to purchase a minimum of $1000 worth of vouchers within the application year.* Partners must comply with the correct usage of all Mile2 logos and other marks on all marketing materials, websites, and collateral. Mile2 encourages the use of the Mile2 brand, as it can improve recognition of the educational program and lend credibility to the curriculum delivered by the institution. Incorrect use of the Mile2 brand and its associated logos may result in suspension of benefits. *Partners must provide case studies and testimonials so that Mile2 can help partners promote both the partners and the program. *Partners must maintain status as a diploma or degree-granting school, government-funded agency, or not-for-profit educational institution. Partners who do not maintain their proper status may be given the option to join other Mile2 programs based on which criteria they do meet. *In order to be part of this program, partners must either currently offer courses that map to Mile2 certifications or intend to offer the courses within a year. Your Mile2 representative and the resources available to Academy Partners can assist you in building your program. *Mile2 recommends that post-secondary partners provide college credit to students with existing Mile2 certifications so that those students can shorten their length of study. *Mile2 requires that partners use instructors who are certified in the Mile2 course(s) they teach. Certified instructors have the knowledge and skills to teach the subject. They also have a good understanding of the exam and can, therefore, prepare students for it better. *Program Disclaimer: Mile2 reserves the right to revise and amend any of the above partnership eligibility requirements and to conduct reviews of existing partner agreements for eligibility compliance. Partners that do not meet certain requirements may have their partner agreement canceled and benefits revoked. Authorized Cyber Academy Terms and Conditions. **Wages retrieved from