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Digital Forensics Services


The simple definition of Computer Forensics is a technological, systematic inspection of a computer system and its contents for evidence or supportive evidence of a crime or other computer use.

Computer forensics requires specialized expertise that goes beyond normal data collection and preservation techniques available to end-users or system support personnel. One definition analogous to "Electronic Evidentiary Recovery, known also as e-discovery, requires the proper tools and knowledge to meet the Court's criteria. Computer Forensics is simply the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques in the interests of determining potential legal evidence. Computer forensics experts investigate data storage devices; these include but are not limited to hard drives, portable data devices (USB Drives, External Drives, Micro Drives) and many more. Mile2’s Computer Forensics experts adhere to the standards of evidence that are admissible in a court of law.

Mile2’s approach is simple:
1.Preserve the evidence.
2.Analyze the evidence.
3.Present the findings.

Our services and benefits:
Mile2 is a professional solution provider in computer forensics, eDiscovery and computer / information security. Our focus is delivering litigation support to corporate general counsel and law firms that are involved with complex litigation cases. We use the latest forensic technology to scientifically investigate facts that establish what is most relevant in cases involving electronic evidence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Digital evidence can potentially provide the facts to, “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why”, and “how” information is relevant to a computer related incident. Mile2's Forensics team will collect, analyze and reconstruct digital evidence from any type of electronic media such as; hard drives, zip drives, CD’s, PDA’s, cell phones, flash drives, cameras, servers, etc…

911 Computer Forensics services:
Mile2’s 911 services offer immediate responses to incidents involving unauthorized or unacceptable access that may have occurred to your organization's computer network or systems. In the event your network is being compromised, a computer forensic expert can trace a suspect’s fingerprints back to your business data.

Providing eDiscovery efforts:
E-Discovery comes into play when a party to a lawsuit involves his/her attorneys demanding electronic production of documents. According to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, early disclosure provisions are now in place that require the parties to meet and confer to identify potential ESI. We consult with attorneys prior to the meet and confer meeting to discuss the scope and form of production. Mile2 can preserve, collect, filter, and analyze the collected ESI to a relevant data set that is potentially responsive.

Litigation Support:
Mile2 provides on-site and off-site support to internal general counsel, litigators, and corporations with any type of complex litigation involving intellectual property theft, embezzlement, fraud, espionage, child porn, identity theft, homicide, domestic disputes, and any type of civil suit involving electronic evidence. We will prepare the necessary documentation, which will expedite the eDiscovery process. This could involve preparing collection protocols, motions, affidavits, declarations or any other needed documents. With our litigation services, we can mitigate costs and risks associated with handling Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

Mile2’s litigation services provide facts to unauthorized, hidden, stolen or misappropriated electronic data. The facts are presented in a forensic report that includes the discovery of the information and the conclusion of our findings. If requested, an expert opinion will be included in the report.