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Cybersecurity Certifications

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Kelly Crooks

We are looking to add an experienced Operations Security Officer to our organization to organize and oversee all security operations. Applicants must have experience in security management as well as risk assessment.

As the Operations Security Manager, your responsibilities will include the following:

 Ensuring that all systems are operated according to policy and procedure
 Ensure that backups and other essential tasks are performed
 Develop and support an effective incident response plan
 Change management, patch, and configuration management plans
 Fix hardware and software issues
 Maintain security mechanisms
 Controlling and maintaining remote access
 Maintaining input/output controls
 Vendor software licensing issues
 Variance detection
 Contingency planning

Applicant requirements:
 At least five years of professional experience
 Familiarity with security frameworks and how to implement them
 Great communication skills
 Ability to work under deadlines or pressure
 Willingness to work long hours on occasion
 Ability to work with other team members or individually
 Great management skills
 Ability to focus and stay on task
 Ability to complete tasks promptly
We offer competitive wages, paid training, paid vacation, paid time off, 401k, and dental, health, and vision insurance for individuals or families. If this sounds like the career for you please click on the link below to apply today and get your future started.


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