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Reply To: OCU C)ISSO D Devotion 02

Kelly Crooks

The sad reality of this devotion is that both of my brothers have fallen into this “carnal Christianity”. It is sad to see them profess to be a Christian and claim to have Christ in their hearts but to live the way of the world and no different to those who are not Christians. I continually pray that they will both find their way back to the Great Physician to be healed spiritually and to give their lives back to Him. God is here for us and he wants us to come to Him when we are in need or suffering. I have always had the belief that if a non-believer sees us during the week doing and living the way of the world, why on earth would they want to be a Christian and give their lives to Christ? I have attended several churches where this was preached from the pulpit, but not lived out in the congregation or the minister. You can’t preach about changing your ways and giving up your sins, accepting Jesus as your savior, and being born again and still continuing to do the things of the world. You cant play church on Sundays, continue to sin during the week, and then ask for forgiveness again on Sunday. Yes God will forgive you, but He knows you aren’t sincere in your repenting and asking for forgiveness. I am not sure if there will come a time when HE will stop forgiving those people but you have to know you aren’t a true Christian and that your chances of going to heaven are slim. I believe that it is time that our nation turns back to God and trusts in Him to make things right. We all need to give ourselves to the Great Physician.


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