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Reply To: OCU C)ISSO D Devotion 03

Kevin Mehok

IST3100 Informaon Systems Security Officer
Week Three
Assignment #1
WK3 Devoonal
Kevin Mehok
I love that this week’s devotional is based on Romans 10:9. I am not completely convinced that we
cannot believe anything into existence. For example, we can believe in ourselves to accomplish a goal,
but the goal is not real until we reach it or achieve it. Does this make sense class?
I wrestled a bit with the core point of this devotional because I do not think that it is impossible to
believe anything into existence. The devotional suggested that ‘The Gospel’ did not come into being
because men or women believed it. While, sure some of that is true, but we must trust and believe
that this is the word of God. The tomb was not emptied of Christ’s body that first Easter because
some faithful persons believed it; again true, but I personally did not see the tomb, but I believe this
story to be true. This devotional explains the fact preceded the faith; honestly, this can be argued
either way. I also am not 100% convinced that we are psychologically incapable of believing without
an object of our faith. I proudly believe in a God that I have never seen. I believe in my God via
faith, not of an object. The point of the devotional boiled down to the object of Christian faith is
Christ. As a theology graduate, I am not comfortable referring to Christ as an object. Instead, I
believe that He is God in the Flesh. While the Devotional states that faith means more than an
intellectual assent to the claims of Christ; again, true but God cannot be intellectual understood. We
can only comprehend at a level of human comprehension. We are not God, nor can explain fully the
power of God. Forgive me, but furthermore the devotional stated we are not called upon to believe
something that is not credible, but to believe in the fact of history that in reality transcends all
history. Hmmm, I do know if I agree with this theory either. You see, there is historical evidence of
Jesus Christ. While, the term faith actually means surrender, it does not mean completely to deny
logic, and/or commitment to the claims of Christ. If fact, faith at times makes more sense than
science. For example, NASA recently sent the greatest space camera/telescope in space yet. They
discovered this ‘black matter’ beyond the realm of Pluto and scientists were able to see things that
they never saw before. Thus, everything in terms of gravity, the solar system, is in question. In fact,
physicists are more confused now than they were prior to this discovery. Humans, yes, us humans,
we do not know Christ through the five physical senses, but we know Him through the sixth sense
that God has given every man—the ability to believe. Therefore, faith in moments throughout our
lives will make more sense than science. It is faith that generates hope. Hope again is not something
we can see, hold, or keep like an object.
I appreciate this devotional, but I think it is safe to say, that the author’s opinion may have missed
the mark for Romans 10:9.
God Bless,


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