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Reply To: OCU C)ISSO D Devotion 02

Kevin Mehok

IST3100 Information Systems Security Officer
Week Two
Assignment #1
WK2 Devotional
Kevin Mehok
This week’s devotional is about Romans 10:9
Intellects and faith, such a beautiful combination. Recently, NASA put the latest and greatest telescope
ever created into Space. They are able to see things that they have never seen before. During footage
of this spectacular moment, a report asked one of physicists “to explain what he saw.” He answered,
“We see a dark matter that we have never seen before. In fact, I do not even know what we are seeing.
My understanding of the solar system, the Big Bang Theory, everything, has changed. I don’t know.”
We have learned about our solar system through our understanding, our theories, and our scientific
studies. Yet, one new bit of technology has shaken everything. Science claims to be knowledge based,
yet as soon as a new discovery has been made, we must re-think everything. That the difference
between Faith and Science, as faith cannot be shaken. As faith, cannot be simply explained. God cannot
be fully explained. Faith can only be trusted and obeyed; whereas, science has to be tested and tried.
I felt this goes well with this week’s devotional. We are to trust God, despite not being able to explain
God. His Creation may never be fully explained, yet here we are. The more I learn about science, the
more I understand faith.
God Bless,


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