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Reply To: OCU C)ISSO D Discussion Lesson 11

Marcena Davis

Hey Kelly! It’s great to read your insights on the first cybersecurity threat, password theft. I totally get it; I have a bad habit of reusing passwords too. It’s so easy to use simple passwords that are easy to remember, but as you said, this makes it easier for third parties to steal or guess our passwords. Implementing stronger passwords that include numbers, letters, and special characters is definitely a good idea to prevent password theft. Another great way to keep our passwords safe is to avoid having them automatically stored on our devices. I definitely do this! I know it’s convenient, but if our devices are lost or stolen, the intruder will have easy access to our sensitive information.

As you mentioned, it’s especially important for security officers to ensure that passwords are secure and not easily accessible, especially in companies where there are hundreds of users with access to the company’s data. Data security is of utmost importance in this digital age, and security officers play a vital role in keeping that data safe and implementing the right protocols.


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