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Reply To: OCU C)ISSO D Discussion Lesson 11

Kelly Crooks

Marcena, of the three cybersecurity threats you listed, I have been a victim of two of them. Years ago my wife and I were looking for online jobs to do from home. We thought we had found one and we downloaded the information it said to download. It was a malware virus. They stole all of our banking and financial data, took $900 out of our savings account, and continued to try to take money out. They demanded we pay an additional $2500 to get our information back. We filed a police report and changed all of our banking information. I learned a very important and expensive lesson that time about ransomware.

The same basic thing happened about six years ago with the phishing scam. My wife clicked and opened an email she got, thinking it was legit. Fortunately, at that time we had some security protocols in place on our computer and even though she opened the email, they weren’t able to steal any of our information.

I agree that employee education is important to stop a lot of the cyber attacks that happen. Everything is done online any more theater that is banking, emails, financial transactions, shopping, or booking a hotel room. Cybercriminals don’t care about your privacy they just want your data and sometimes money.


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