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Reply To: OCU C)DFE D Week 05 Devotion

Kevin Mehok

IST2900 Digital Forensic Examiner
Week Five
Assignment #1
WK5 Devotional
Kevin Mehok

Hey Class,

I am sort of exhausted by this question. As I know that I have discussed this very question in at least 15 classes now. We all know that we had to utilize technology in order to attend church virtually, etc.

Let’s be real, pandemic or no pandemic. We are in this online class, virtually. My complete college experience was digital. Mile2, well, this is sadly not the college experience I hope for. I am using my student loans for a program I take at work. I was angry when I learned of Mile2’s partnership with OCU. I much prefer BrightSpace and the OCU program. To me this is way more aligned with the actual college experience.

None the less, the pandemic, yep. Older people learned to use things surrounding technology they wouldn’t have ever used. If that’s a win, great. The truth is, why did a pandemic need to occur to teach our loved ones the benefits of technology?

This is a devotional, so please keep me in prayer this week as this is a very sensitive topic for me personally.

God Bless,



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