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Reply To: OCU C)DFE D Week 03 Devotion

Kelly Crooks

There was a time in my life for three or four years that I let something have priority over God in my life. This other thing had very strong control over me and consumed almost all of my time and thoughts. I was going to a scary place and a place that I didn’t want to be.

I overcame it because my God is stronger than anything the devil has to throw at me. I was able to get through this by relying on my God, my faith, my family, and my friends. It wasn’t easy and in no way was it by my own will or power. I give all the credit to Jesus Christ. I am not even sure how I let this other thing take control and have a priority over not only my relationship with God but priority over my family and friends as well.

The good thing is that it wasn’t drugs or alcohol abuse or violence or anything like that. The only one who was hurting was me. With the help of a strong pastor, lots of prayers, and Christ, I was able to overcome this other thing and was able to put Christ back as the number one priority in my life.

It doesn’t take much sometimes to let other things take that top priority spot in our lives, especially with how busy we can get and how hectic the world is today. I found that taking time throughout the day to stop and give thanks for what God has done for me and what He is going to continue to do for me and to pray, that I can overcome almost everything now and always have God as the number one priority in my life.


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