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Reply To: OCU C)DFE D Week 05 Devotion

Kevin Mehok

Thanks Professor,

I love learning how technology works and how it can improve or impact our lives. I am also amazed about humans of all ages can adapt. Or should I say, how they have adapted! The one element I pray that we never get away from is kindness and compassion to one another. I read so many cases of cyberbullying, but remember, there is reality bullying in the real world, too. There are false preachers in the digital realm, and in the real world. Regardless of the advances, the human discernment must never be taken for granted.

I love digital scriptures, and the idea of saving trees, but let’s save each other, and be willing to teach those that may not be tech savvy to avoid leaving anyone behind. As big of a tech nerd that I am, I still have a human heart full of love.

God Bless,



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