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Reply To: OCU C)SP A Week 01 Lesson 01 Discussion

Marcena Davis

As I was getting to know more about businesses, I learned about third-party audits. It’s like when someone from outside checks if everything’s going right in a company, especially if they’re following rules and standards.

When a company does this, people tend to trust them more because it’s like a friend telling you the truth rather than you bragging about yourself. It’s like when my husband and I tell each other truths to help each other grow; that outsider perspective can make a world of difference. Plus, when companies get this kind of check-up, they often find ways to do things better. Sometimes, the advice these auditors give can point out things you might not see yourself.

I’ve heard people say that if you have a third-party audit, you stand out among other businesses. It’s like having an extra badge of honor. Companies that go through these audits often find new doors opened for them. It’s like a safety net. If there ever was a problem, having that third-party check can be like having a backup, showing that you did your best and had someone else check your work too.

So, in the grand scheme of things, third-party audits can guide businesses to be better and more trusted. Sometimes, the outsider’s perspective makes all the difference.


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