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The troubleshooting process I would use would be to first recreate the problem if possible and run the order operations on a different device. After that I would try to move parts of the problem device over to identify if the issue lies in the software or hardware of the specific machine. Using the move a long method would make it easier to determine exactly where the problem lies and allows me to use the divide and conquer method to locate the issue. While this is a fancy way to describe having a gut feeling about t he problem, this method works quite well. This is especially true when you are familiar with the particular machine or software that is experiencing trouble. If you are not as familiar with the system or machine in question a linear method similar to the top to bottom of bottom to top method would be more applicable. If the problem is software based, the bottom up method would be more efficient in locating the root. The inverse is true if the problem is hardware based and you need to service a component of the machine on site.


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