Mile2 Cybersecurity Certifications

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Amy Hastings

Some major goals would be to have a higher or more improved customer service experience with the products. It would have more sales and be good for the businesses. Another would be to save money and to make sure that the systems are secure. Keeping the systems secure will always be a number one goal for any type of business as it allows information to be kept safe and from being stolen or hacked.

Some major threats would be viruses as having a virus on your device can lead to serious problems for your device such as, your information being stolen or you getting hacked and your device failing. You must be cautious and secure to prevent your device from any hacker or viruses. Ransomware is another major threat, it is one of the worst because it can cost the organization to use a lot of money because hackers can get into the device to do a ransom attack. This is a common threat to the tech network industries as it has been happening for years, causing businesses to fail and to lose millions of dollars.


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