Mile2 Cybersecurity Certifications

Reply To: OCU C)NP A Week 05 Lesson 10 Discussion

Amy Hastings

Security features on the device is one networking policy as many people have weak passwords and this makes is so much easier for a hacker to login to your device and hack all your information and to gain access. This is why it is recommended for users to update their passwords often.

Another would be the availability to the network from the device. You must have availability to a good strong network to do anything online. It is also important to have excellent connection access that is commonly reached through the network redundancy features.

Lastly, I would say that performance is a good policy in network planning. Good performance helps with almost everything on a device, because it runs everything at a great speed and you would have a smooth running device. Performance also helps apps and the web search go a lot faster than having a slow or weak performance.


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