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Reply To: OCU C)NP A Week 05 Devotion

Amy Hastings

I do know God as he is my lord, I understand that what I have been given I gained from God’s path for me. I believe we are all put here for God’s purpose as he gives each of us our own, never the same for any two people. I will continue to be in God’s faith and follow the path given to me by him himself. We all hear God speaking to us even though it may not be in words physically but by reading in the bible and or going to church and praising God and his word every Sunday morning. I am also glad that we get a day to worship him, I believe God is always with me in or out of church for he has lead me down my path so far and will continue to do so until I meet him some day in my future of good living. But his voice would be even stronger towards me once that day comes and it is honestly a beautiful thing to think of it this way.


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