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C)PEH - Electronic Book



C)PEH Electronic Course Kit

While taking the C)PEH certification course, the electronic course book and lab guide are essential for mastering the material covered and preparing for the certification exam. After the training is over, the information in the course book and lab guide are even more valuable as it is a resource that can be consulted regularly to ensure the use of proper ethical hacking and penetration testing practices. After purchase, the electronic course book and lab guide is available on-line via the student's Mile2 Account.

The C)PEH Electronic Course Book and lab guide includes the following items:

Student Workbook Certificate of Completion
Key Concepts/Definitions Booklet  Lab guide

If you prefer a physical copy, you can purchase the Course Kit which includes the same resources but they are delivered to you in print form. We also include a Mile2 T-Shirt and a Mile2 Pen in the Course Kit.

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