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Become a Mile2 ATC


Become An Authorized Mile2 Training Center


10 Reasons To Become a Mile2 Training Center 

Official Mile2 Authorized Training Centers (ATC's) are organizations that officially team up with Mile2 to offer mile2's cybersecurity certification courses. Mile2 is currently accepting new partner applications in select regions.


We have C)PTE vs. CEH, C)ISSO vs. CISSP, C)DFE vs. CHFI, Mile2 CSLO vs.SANS GSLC, and much more.

Replace EC Council, ISC2, and SANS today!

National Security Agency (NSA) and the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) recognizes mile2’s certification courseware and is approved on Homelands Security NICE National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies training catalog 


  • Mile2 is aggressively priced for the kit/exam fees and are often 1/2 the price of EC Council/SANS/ISC2.
  • Mile2 markets YOU. We place your center on our GLOBAL PARTNER PAGE  so that mile2 can send YOU potential students!
  • Mile2 provides UP-TO-DATE  printed on demand course books with quality step by step 200 page lab guides made from globally known engineers from the US & Europe. Our course material is written by internationally known authors like James Michael Stewart, Author of Cybex CISSP. Check out some sample labs, videos & slides here: SAMPLES.
  • Mile2 has CBT's for mentor training as well as Guaranteed 2-Run live -online schedule for your low classes with low enrollment.
  • Mile2 provides the CYBER RANGEVirtual Images & ISO’s for the labs at no cost to the ATC!
  • Mile2 runs our exams on MACS based online at and can be taken anywhere in the world on any computer!
  • Mile2 has more quality Cyber Security course options  
  • Mile2 will give you FREE Products (kits, Videos, exams) for your marketing and conferences!!!!
  • Mile2 provides Subject Matter Experts for your clients and presentations.
  • Because Mile2 is simply better! Better curriculum, better "hands-on"  labs & better prices


There are a number of additional advantages in becoming a Mile2 training center.


More Details of the Benefits of Becoming an Authorized Training Center


  • GTR: Mile2 provides Guaranteed To Run classes that allow our partners to register their low enrollment courses into our live online instructor-led remote training.
  • MENTOR SOLUTION: Mile2 provides a mentored learning solution that includes a mile2® Video, Course Kit, Cyber Range, and Exam. 
  • PARTNER COURSE POSTING: Mile2 will post the partner’s Mile2 courses on our global schedule. 
  • EXCLUSIVITY: Option for exclusivity is available on an annual fee basis for an identified territory. To explore this option, please contact Mile2's home office.    
  • COLLABORATE: We always seek out input from our partners to improve our course content to be the most relevant Cyber Security available anywhere. 
  • PARTNER PACKAGE: the Mile2 partner package provides course outlines, marketing collateral, Product PPT Presentations,
    Case Studies, Security Articles, Partner Brochures, Course Technical Requirements - virtually everything you need to represent mile2 Cyber Security courses and certifications.  
  • CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: Mile2 can create and augment almost any security course.
    We are experts in courseware development within the Cyber Security arena. 
  • SERVICE: Mile2 provides world class customer service. 
  • QUALITY: We can deliver quality high-end Cyber Security classes because the instructors must immerse themselves in these technologies in order to stay current; the only way to do this is to consult and teach the classes. Our instructor team eats, drinks and sleeps security. As a result, they obtain much higher evaluations than "casual" instructors may receive.


Your ATC Package Includes (what you get when you sign up!):

Marketing Material

  1. Mile2 course titles and offerings.
  2. CPT testimonials: Penetration testing testimonies from mile2 customers.
  3. Mile2 course roadmap: This JPEG displays the natural progression of each course from an IT Security foundational level to an Expert level.
  4. Instructor case study CEH vs CPTE: This case study details the pains and issues of the CEH material and how the solutions were found in the Mile2 course material and labs.
  5. Case Study US Military: These documents detail satisfied instructors and clients who had an issue and Mile2 was able to provide a detailed solution. In this case, mile2® was able to help out the US Military.
  6. Security training ROI: Justifies Cyber Security training expenses and training.



  1. Certified Pen Testing vs. Ethical Hacking and other articles.
  2. CPTEngineer Definition: Explains what the certification means.
  3. Green Hat Information Assurance.
  4. Information Assurance: Another article based on Professional services.


Brochures & Posters

  1. Mile2 brochure: This is a 5-6 page brochure 
  2. Product brochure 8x11: One-page brochure entailing mile2 products. Training Partners can put their contact info on this document and send to your clients.
  3. Mile2 Professional Services Brochure: This brochure shows all of the mile2 Information Assurance Services.


PowerPoint Presentations

  1. Sales Presentation on Mile2 products, outlines, exam info, CBTs, online training etc.
  2. Penetration testing presentations & Sales presentations explaining mile2® products.
  3. Hacking Presentation: this ppt is more technical and requires a Metasploit demonstration.


 Mile2® Logos & Graphics

  1. Mile2 logos and ATC images: ATC can use these images for their marketing collateral.

Package Containing Operational Materials

  1. Exam voucher instructions: The Training Partner provides this to the students to aid them in redeeming the exam voucher.
  2. Mile2 Class setup: This document explains the minimum standard requirements for Mile2 classes. It also details the tools, images, and equipment needed to run each class successfully.
  3. Code of Ethics: Students sign this before taking the class.
  4. FTP instructions to download the Cyber Range: Virtual Images/ISO's for courses that have labs in them. 


Authorized Training Center fees and financial points

  1. Annual ATC membership fee. ($500)
  2. Special Partner price for kits, course books & exams, which are, at times, half the price of CEH, SANS, and ISC2.
  3. Reduced Mentor training package (CBT, Kit, and Exam).
  4. Partner receives a high revenue Split for student registrations in Mile2’s GTR class.

Authorized Instructor Process

  1. The instructor must take a Train the Trainer program. This can be done through either a live online training class or alternatively as a CBT program. The CBT program is a video that is our recorded live TTT class. The CBT TTT comes with a Course video, Exam, and course kit. These options can be purchased through Mile2's shopping cart Here.
  2. The instructor must take the exam via Mile2s online exam program and score at a minimum of 90% on the exam. 
    The instructor may also be asked to present in a Mile2 training class to demonstrate instructor presentation skills. This can be waived on a case by case basis or if the instructor has an instructor designation with a recognized training organization such as Microsoft, SANS, Cisco etc. 
  3. After the instructor passes the exam, they will receive the course slides, instructor set-up guide, virtual images/ISO's (when relative), and any other needed information for the instructor to successfully run a class. (The Virtual Images must be sent to an authorized Mile2 training center to host).

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