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Network & Infrastructure Engineering

Mile2 is a leading provider of Network & Infrastructure Engineering Services (NIES) solutions for the design, upgrade and expansion of enterprise networks.

Mile2 NIES solutions allow businesses to optimize their IT resources, boost productivity, availability and performance and increase security of the enterprise as a whole. Throughout the process, Mile2 will remain committed to ensuring your needs are met.

The Mile2 NIES approach is comprised of the following phases:bigstockphoto_Business_People_295872

• Pre-planning assessment.
• Examine and analyze the network topology.
• Visually map out where replacement devices will deployed.
• Determine what materials need to be procured before Mile2's arrival at the client site.

Day 1
• Introduction of the Mile2 team and the client's team.
• Q and A session to determine additional expectations, schedule time for maintenance windows, plan rollback options and discuss procedures.
• Design planning and creation of initial documentation.

Day 2
• Bench test the firewalls, verify software revisions, begin base configurations.
• Create test lab environment to simulate the existing network infrastructure.
• Migrate checkpoint configuration to the platform.

Day 3
• Continue with migration of Checkpoint rules.
• Bench test and troubleshoot migrated configurations.

Day 4
• Installation of ASA firewalls into live network.
• Full and detailed connectivity testing.
• Management server testing.
• Begin tuning process.

Day 5
• Finish FW tuning.
• Enable IPS modules.
• Begin tuning of IPS rules.

• Follow up with client to assess performance.
• Monitor systems to assess the need to reduce CPU intensive rules, false positives and/or rules that are not valid attack vectors.

The above is just a sample of what to expect during a network installation. Mile2's approach is designed to deliver the highest possible results while providing the most cost effective solution for the client.