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Little Known History

Mile2 was largely responsible for the early adoption and success of EC-Council's Certified Ethical Hacker Course within the USA and several other countries. At the time, mile2 was the world's largest provider of Penetration Testing training and initially chose the basic CEH training course as our flagship for Penetration Testing training events. For a long time, mile2 delivered more CEH classes within the USA than any other training provider and possibly globally.

Mile2's almost perfect student evaluations of its Certified Ethical Hacker events were due largely to the proprietary enhancements Mile2 made to the basic CEH curriculum. New threats arose daily and Mile2 developed enhancements to keep CEH current as materials printed in large quantities and shipped in from Asia tended to have a short shelf life. In contrast, CPTS (now CPTEngineer) materials were printed the week before class to accommodate constant security changes.

Eventually mile2 chose to supercede CEH with a series of classes with a focus on "Professional Penetration Testing" rather than simply teaching "Hacking Techniques". The result was the release of our CPT line of classes. We, and many of our graduates (experienced with both CEH and m2 products), believe and strongly recommend to future students that our classes are now the best courses available globally. CPTE CBT courses are also avaiable at our E-store.

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Customer Testimonial
"In my honest opinion this is the best course I've "ever" attended. I'm from a windows background I've been fortunate enough to attend many many courses" written by employee of a very large international Cell phone company

Customer Testimonial
"Having attended both the CPTE security training classes presented by Mile2, I will definitely recommend this training for IS security analysts within the FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration)."
written by the Technical Lead of the United States Marine Corps Information Assurance Assessment Team

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Key Data
Course Description

Course Name: CPTEngineer

Certification Map:
Network+, Security+, Linux+, CPTE

Duration: 5 days

Language: English

• Instructor-led classroom 
• Computer Based Training
• Live Virtual Training

• Experience in at least 2 modules of the outline is beneficial but not required

Student Materials:
• Student Workbook
• Student Lab Guide
• Student DVDs
• Key Security Concepts & Definitions Book
• Quick Tips section, Summary section
• Questions and answers for each module


Certified Penetration Testing Engineer graduates will obtain real world security knowledge enabling them to recognize vulnerabilities, exploit system weaknesses, and safeguard organizations against threats. Graduates will learn the art of Ethical Hacking with a professional edge (Penetration Testing).
Course Overview
CPTEngineer’s foundation is built firmly upon proven, hands-on, Penetration Testing methodologies utilized by our international group of vulnerability consultants. Mile2 trainers keep abreast of their field by practicing what they teach. They believe that, during training, an equal emphasis should be placed on both theoretical and real world experience if the student is going to succeed in mastering the necessary skills to become a CPTEngineer..The CPTEngineer presents information based on the 5 Key Elements of Pen Testing: Information Gathering, Scanning, Enumeration, Exploitation and Reporting. System vulnerabilities will be discovered using these tried and true steps alongside the use of the latest hacking techniques.

This course also enhances the business skills needed by today’s students. It will enable them to identify protection opportunities, justify testing activities, and optimize security controls needed by  businesses attempting to reduce risks.
mile2 goes far beyond simply teaching students to “Hack”. Mere hacking was the norm for classes that were available before mile2’s introduced a new methodology in teaching this advanced skill.

Our course was developed around principles and behaviors used by malicious hackers. The course is taught with this in mind while keeping the focus on professional penetration testing and ensuring the security of information assets.

Objective of Labs
This is an intensive hands-on class. Students may spend 20 hours or more performing labs that walk them through a real world Pen Testing model. Labs begin with simple activities and move on to more complex procedures. During labs, students move through a detailed Lab Guide containing screen shots, commands to be typed, and steps students should take.  Students will make use of scores of traditional and cutting edge Pen Testing tools (GUI and command line, Windows and Linux) as they make their way through mile2’s time-tested methodology. (See Outline below for tool titles) Customers can be confident that as new methods arise in the security world, our labs are updated to reflect them.

Upon Completion
Upon proper completion of the course, CPTEngineer students will be able to confidently sit for the CPTEngineer certification exam (recommended). Students will enjoy an in-depth course that is continuously updated to maintain and incorporate changes in the security environment. This course offers up-to-date proprietary labs that have been researched and developed by leading security professionals from around the world.

Course Overview
Module 0: Course Overview
Module 1: Business and Technical Logistics of Pen Testing
Module 2: Financial Sector Regulations
Module 3: Information Gathering
Module 4: Detecting Live Systems
Module 5: Enumeration
Module 6: Vulnerability Assessments
Module 7: Malware, Trojans and BackDoors
Module 8: Windows Hacking
Module 9: Hacking UNIX/Linux
Module 10: Advanced Exploitation Techniques
Module 11: Pen Testing Wireless Networks
Module 12: Networks, Sniffing and IDS
Module 13: Injecting the Database
Module 14: Attacking Web Technologies
Module 15: Report Writing
Appendix 1: The Basics
Appendix 2: Linux Fundamentals
Appendix 3: Access Controls
Appendix 4: Protocols
Appendix 5: Cryptography
Appendix 6: Economics and Law


Visit our YouTube page to view demos of CPTE labs and more!

mile2 CPTE Superscan Demo
mile2 CPTE Unicornscan Demo
mile2 CPTE Port Scanning Demo
mile2 CPTE Netcraft Demo
mile2 CPTE Borderware Demo
mile2 CPTE Wayback Demo
mile2 CPTE Firecat Demo
mile2 CPTE PCI Demo



Certified Penetration Testing Engineer graduates will obtain real world security knowledge enabling them to recognize vulnerabilities, exploit system weaknesses, and safeguard organizations against threats. Graduates will learn the art of Ethical Hacking with a professional edge (Penetration Testing).


Students must pass mile2's CPTEngineer exam to receive a valid certifiation. Exams may be ordered directly through mile2 or vouchers may be purchased through third party partner organizations listed on our site. All exams are taken through the testing portal on our mile2 website (even if taken in a testing center).

Become a "Certified Penetration Testing Engineer"!!

Definition: "Ethical Hacking"

Important Intellectual Property Information:

  • CEH, "Certified Ethical Hacker" and "EC-Council" are all trademarks of EC-Council.
  • Mile2 is no longer an EC-Council ATC and has chosen to distance itself from the organization for various reasons.
  • Nothing on this page or mile2.com should be construed to suggest that Mile2 and EC-Council still have an active official relationship

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