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Cyber Security Events


Welcome to Mile2’s cyber security events page. Here, you will find webinars, seminars and various Mile2 cyber security events from around the globe.  Are you interested in further details concerning Mile2 cyber certifications? Click the certification road map.

mile2 it cert

On preferred cyber cert chart for FBI’s Tier 1-3 certification training requirement

mile2 it cert

Mile2 is mapped with NIST’s (National Institute of Standards and Technology) cyber security workforce framework.

mile2 it cert

Accredited by the NSA-CNSS 4011-4016. Mile2 received 6 prestigious accreditations which are the:


m2events Mile2 Webinar

Title: Hacking with Windows Powershell!
Description: We all love scripting right! Well ok, some do not but Microsoft Powershell sure makes internal pen testing easier. During this session, will learn a little bit about Poweshell itself and then we will learn a few techniques we can use to gather information about our Windows targets including writing a script we can all take with us. Come and enjoy the fun as we dig deeper!

June 27th, 2017 | Time: 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST | Speaker: Duane Anderson | 
Course focus: CPTE – Certified Penetration Testing Engineer
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m2events Mile2 Webinar

Title: The Layer of forgotten! What security issues reside below the cloud layer?
Description: We are so focused on implementing cloud offerings we often forget to ask the questions about what is happening down below, out of our control! We will spend some time investigating some of the security offered by the major players and better understand how it affects us on a day to day basis. This will provide some live demonstrations as well as discussions about various different implementations of an IaaS architecture. Come and enjoy the fun as we dig deeper!

May 23th, 2017 | Time: 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST | Speaker: Duane Anderson |
Course focus: CCSO – Certified Cloud Security Officer
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Merit Member Conference/Michigan Cyber Range Conference | The Henry, Dearborn, MI  | May 17th- 18th, 2017

                  Networking, Securing & Staffing the 21st Century Workplace


Next Generation Security Conference | Warsaw, Poland | May 30-31, 2017

This year will be the 6th edition of NGSec. One of the biggest conference on Information Security in Poland.


8,8 Resistencia Chile | Santiago, Chile | Oct. 20-21, 2016

Como convertirse en un hacker exitoso sin terminar en la carcel
Automatizando procesos de analisis forense en entornos Windows


8,8 Resistencia Bolivia | La Paz, Bolivia | O. 24-25, 2016

Foro Debate Hackers Vs. CISOs
Memorias de un perito informatico forense vol. iii

intitec logo

BSidesCO Conference | Medillin, Colombia | Sept. 14th-17th, 2016

Es el tercer evento y queremos que sea el más grande y el mejor que hemos organizado hasta el momento, creemos en la importancia de este tipo de espacios en nuestro país y queremos que este evento sea la ventana al mundo para mostrar el talento que tenemos en Colombia.


SecTor 2016 Conference | Toronto, CA | Oct. 15th-19th, 2016

Mas de 20 años en RF y Data Network's Y más de 25 años en el área del Hacking incluyendo reverse engineering en hardware y software.

Obsidis Consortia, Inc logo

WiFi Structured Attacks and Understanding RF Basics | San Juan, PR | June 15th, 2016

Mas de 20 años en RF y Data Network's Y más de 25 años en el área del Hacking incluyendo reverse engineering en hardware y software.


IT Pro Camp Conference | Jacksonville, FL | June 11th, 2016

IT Pro Camps offer a conference style learning environment free of charge to all and is open to presenters of all backgrounds and expertise. We encourage local companies to sponsor and participate in their local IT Pro Camp!


ISEC Infosecurity Conference | San Salvador, El Salvador | May 31st, 2016

ISEC invites you to attend this conference to learn more about the new trends in technology, ways to secure their systems, and new threats existing in the computer world.


IAT Conference | San Juan, PR | May 24th, 2016

The Institute of Advanced Technology invites you to attend this webinar conference to learn more about the techniques and tools that can be used from Linux systems to increase or compromise the security of targeted systems.


BSides Kyiv Conference | Kiev, Ua | May 14th, 2016

BSides Kyiv is an information security conference organized by Ukrainian security enthusiasts representing R0-Crew, OWASP Odessa, OWASP Lviv and UISG, free and non-commercial event from community and for community. No matter if you are a student, system administrator, programmer, security professional or a company executive - everyone will find something useful to them at BSides Kyiv.


 ISACA Conference | Toronto, Ca | May 13th, 2016

Canada’s leading conference on IT Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Centres and Mobility is around the corner. And CTC TrainCanada hopes to see you there!


C)PEH/C)PTC Boot Camp06-12-2017REGISTER HERE