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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some reviews from our clients:

Being both an IT guy by trade and a training procurement officer for my organization, I have had the opportunity of working with nearly every IT/IT security training company known man—including Training Camp, Mile2, 3 Soft USA, Global Knowledge, and New Horizons to name a few. For approximately 2 years I dealt with Mile2’s competitors and found them all to be near identical with respect to the quality of their products and services as well as their overall business model, which generally consisted of the sole pursuit of profits regardless of its effect on the customer. That said, my organization and I were very fortunate to find Mile2 when we did. Over the past 5 years of working with them, Mile2 has continuously proven themselves time and time again. Their products and services are far superior to those of their competitors, they hold themselves to a higher standard when it come to customer service, and their overall competitance is something that goes unrivaled within their industry. I look forward to working with Mile2 in the future to grow both the IT and security skills of my organization as well as my own. N.Johnson
Date of Posting: 27 September 2016
Posted By: N. Johnson
Project Manager/IT, California

Just letting you know - I passed the exam for CPTE. I took some time and really organized my study, used the Cyber Range for its full effect, and when everything aligned - signed in and took the exam.

It went by fast and having the background knowledge in CPEH coupled with CompTIA's A+ and Security+ really brought everything together. Mile2 has an excellent set up.

Now on to Linux+ to match that skill set up with CPTE & CPEH for a well rounded professional. I really appreciate it.

Date of Posting: 11 July 2016
Posted By: JW
Network Security, United States

I woke up @ 0230 HRS EST this Saturday and promptly began the Cyber Range labs. After following the video instructions - I logged in via RDP and used the Mile2 VM to allow for an outstanding lab experience. I've taken online/VM labs through a major university during my digital forensics training back in 2014, but I found the Mile 2 Cyber Range to be highly functional, direct, to the point, and expandable if needed to work on a few outside demonstrations of the tools provided. A fully understandable set of labs and the tools needed to accomplish the assigned tasked. Glad Mile2 put together the most popular and powerful tools used in the industry - instead of listing a multitude of them.

Per training personnel in ethical hacking or penetration testing to prep for either certification at Mile2, I highly recommend Cyber Range. It was enjoyable and I never became overwhelmed or bored. I followed the Lab Manual that came with my self-study kit and took accompanying screen shots for my own personal lab report. Mile2 has a done a great service for guys like me transitioning from irregular warfare over to cyber warfare with training modules and kits you guys provide. Having used Kali Linux, Metasploitable 2, Metasploit+Meterpreter before & currently with assigned exploits was another refresh and more practice that never gets old.

Again - many thanks to you and Mile2!!!
Date of Posting: 27 June 2016
Posted By: JW
Cyber Analyst, USA

Good morning,

I am almost complete with the CISSO course. Pretty much to the point and a great course.


Date of Posting: 10 June 2016
Posted By: WD
Manager, USA
Certified Incident Handling Engineer Mile2 review

I had the chance to watch all the videos for Certified Incident Handling Engineer Mile2 through Career Academy.

These videos where straight to the point where you can get pretty good knowledge of the whole Incident Handling process.

This is the list of videos:

Course 01 - Course Introduction
Course 02 - Threats, Vulnerabilities and Exploits
Course 03 - IH Preparation
Course 04 - Request Tracker for Incident Handling
Course 05 - Preliminary Response
Course 06 - Identification and Initial Response
Course 07 - Sysinternals
Course 08 - Containment
Course 09 - Eradication
Course 10 - Follow-up
Course 11 - Recovery
Course 12 - Virtualization Security
Course 13 - Malware Incident Handling

In the first two chapters give you an introduction and a lot of information about the threats, vulnerabilities and incidents.

Then IH Preparation chapter talk about what kind of communication we have to have with Management in case something happen, notice this chapter is for preparation. Also mention what to do in some cases like Turn off the server or trying to obtain information of the incident with the server on.

Chapter 04 was new for me, Request Tracker for incidents and explained one software to track the incident

Chapter 06 Identification and Initial Response expressed what to see to identify the incident and some examples and report procedures.

Chapter 07 Sysinternals was very instructive, mention the different tools we can use for an incident.

Chapter 08 is very delighted, Containment. How to stop potential loss, further damage and also identify clearly what computers were engage with the incident. Also enphisy the criteria to determine the right stategy.

Chapter 11 Recovery list in details what to do to recovery a system and how to validate the system before put it in production.

During the training enphasice the lesson learn in the process.

These videos are good, I recommend to watch it, if I put my hands in the printer material I will do a review on it.
Date of Posting: 06 April 2016
Posted By: G.H.
Network Security, USA
Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (CPTE) Training Series Mile2 review

This training Certified Penetration Testing Engineer Mile2 at Career Academy is good, the quality of the videos are great and the information is pretty good.

These videos will give you full idea of the basic knowledge you have to have to be a pentester, from here you have go deep in your expertise area.

Sure this training mention tools for Windows and Linux. Explain how Kali is the basic platform for a pentester and at the same time mention several tools in Windows, yes Windows OS that can be used to run attacks like Cain and Abel.

This is the list of videos:

Course 01 - Logistics of Pen Testing
Course 02 - Linux Fundamentals
Course 03 - Information Gathering
Course 04 - Detecting Live Systems
Course 05 - Enumeration
Course 06 - Vulnerability Assessments
Course 07 - Malware Goes Undercover
Course 08 - Windows Hacking
Course 09 - Hacking UNIX/Linux
Course 10 - Advanced Exploitation Techniques
Course 11 - Pen Testing Wireless Networks
Course 12 - Networks, Sniffing and IDS
Course 13 - Injecting the Database
Course 14 - Attacking Web Technologies
Course 15 - Project Documentation

The training begin with the basic, Logistic of the penetration testing, Linux fundamentals, the last one is very important because normally is the basic knowledge for a pentester.

The more you know about your targets the better will be your success, that is the reason there are three videos for information gathering and enumeration, with details.

Something very interesting of these videos is that always mention the countermeasure, a lot of pentesters can explain you how they hacked the server or network, but they cannot explain how to fix it, really? These videos always will tell you how to protect it, I considered it like a bonus.

Windows and Linux hacking are good providing the surface attack for both platform.

Advanced exploitation techniques is great explaining how exploit works.

Wireless modules give you a lot of information about the technolgy and different attacks.

The theory in Chapter 12 Networks, Sniffing and IDS showed some very important tools and explain in theory how the IDS evasion works.

Lastly and not less important is the Project Documentation, what do we have to include and how not to make the IT or IT Security department you enemy, something very important if you really want to improve the security.

Conclusion: These videos are great but do not think you will be a pentester after you complete it, now you will need to practice and do the labs in the books in case you purchase them, in my case I did not have the change to put my hands on it.

Also remember, if you want to be a pentester practice, practice a little more and practice again, keep getting knowledge and go deep then you will be a good pentester.
Date of Posting: 06 April 2016
Posted By: G.H.
Network Security, D.C.

I passed the CPEH morning. I woke up early and got right to it.

The exam is "No Joke" and very complex.

Having taken both the CompTIA exams and EC Council - I can attest that it was very difficult.

Not having alot of time to search the material, I'm glad I prepped ahead of time and studied throughout.

Very Challenging to say the least!

I'm notifying my employer, XXX and I will start the study process for CPTE.

I look forward to it!

Have a great weekend & thanks again to you and Mile 2!!!
Date of Posting: 15 February 2016
Posted By: Joe
Cyber Security Analyst, USA
Hello Bill.

Hope you are doing great. I just wanted to thank you for your assistance and support throughout the entire exam/certification process.

I've recommended Mile2 certifications to my friends and colleagues. I'm very proud of my Mile2 certifications. One of my friends got C)ISSO certified on December 31, 2015, and he hasn't stop thanking me for presenting to him the Mile2 Certifications. These certifications are real career boosters.

The Mile2 certifications have really helped me here at XX. I can't thank you enough for your assistance. Thank you Bill.
Date of Posting: 11 February 2016
Posted By: BZA
Cyber Security Specialist, USA
The instructor was apt in answering my doubts for
more clarification. We were also given additional
contents in Coreimpact and Nexpose out of the course contents
Date of Posting: 03 December 2015
Posted By: R.G.
Instructor explained the concepts from his rich experience along with live examples and case studies. Also, he covered additional syllabus and completed in the stipulated time.
Date of Posting: 03 December 2015
Posted By: Robert H.
Cyber Consulting, USA

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