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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some reviews from our clients:

I'm planning on taking the C)ISSO test tomorrow and the ISCAP within the next two weeks. I have several more courses to request after those. Its great training and better than many college courses. Thanks again!!
Date of Posting: 24 June 2015
Posted By: C.S.
Network Security, D.C.
The staff at Mile2 are extremely hospitable and it was a great learning experience! I appreciated Bill assistance with registering for the class and Tracy's knowledge and guidance during the class. The snacks were amazing and I appreciated your hospitality! I will definitely consider Mile2 courses in the future!
Date of Posting: 22 June 2015
Posted By: A
Network Security, USA
I think it was a great class (CPEH) and the instructor kept it all very interesting and me engaged in the subject matter. All in all, it was great. I wouldn't change a thing.
Date of Posting: 15 June 2015
Posted By: AP
Network Security, USA
Red Kohler is an awesome instructor! He made the CPEH plain to understand, interesting, and funny.
Date of Posting: 15 June 2015
Posted By: ZPK
Network Security, USA
Hello Bill,

Now that FEMA has completed the CVME, CPTE and ISCAP training courses through Mile2, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for your wonderful assistance and customer service. It has been a pleasure working with you during the scheduling of these courses and you have provided outstanding service to FEMA.

While I did not attend the classes, I have received feedback from the majority of the attendees and they all have highly praised your instructors and course material. See below for a few comments:

“Without a doubt, Mile2 provided an excellent instructor that possessed in-depth knowledge of the course materials and was able to tie in real-world situations.”

“Instructor provided excellent explanations of the course material.”

“Mile2 provided a high standard in training compared to other courses I have taken.”

“Instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject matter and provided real life references.”

“I would definitely use Mile2 in the future for my security training requirements.”

Again, thank you for your outstanding customer service and commitment to providing FEMA with excellent security training.
Date of Posting: 04 June 2015
Posted By: C. B.
Office of Cyber Security, D.C.
Great course (CISSO) and presenter! It definitely helped fill in the gaps of my working knowledge with the finer details of what happens in the background. Looking forward to continuing my InfoSec training with Mile2.
Date of Posting: 22 May 2015
Posted By: SA
IT Info Assurance, DC
ISCAP class: I've been in the IT/IT Security field for over 15 years and have taken more training classes than I can count. The Mile2 instructor was hands-down the best instructor I have ever had. He was great at covering the material in the book and relating it back to real-world experience.
Date of Posting: 02 April 2015
Posted By: JJ
FEMA, Texas
The CISSO course was great . Since it was my first time, I was not sure about the distance learning , but the instructor really held my attention and made the topic interesting and relevant . Very informative and makes me want to continue my study into security .
Date of Posting: 27 March 2015
Posted By: A.K.
IT Sys Adm, USA
This class did increase my interest in this field but not nearly as much as the instructor. Without a doubt Mr. Kohler is the best instructor I have had. Within a day and a half of his arrival he was able to increase my confidence for the CISSO test. He did in a day and a half what two weeks of studying couldn't. His excellent explanations to clarify the course material made all the difference for my ability to pass the test I had given up on. I am a firm believer that he was one of the best hiring decisions Mile2 could have ever made.
Date of Posting: 10 November 2014
Posted By: J K
Cyber Security Trainee, Michigan
Randy "Red" Kohler is a great instructor. Also liked Dennis Griffin and Tracey Preston. Excellent staff. Lots of experience in the real world. Excellent presentation skill for Red Kohler. Can't wait to take classes in the up coming weeks. With Instructors like these Mile2 Certs will gain recognition in the industry. The Content was comprehensive and will provide me the foundation I need in this field to succeed. Thanks
Date of Posting: 10 November 2014
Posted By: Don H
Cyber Security Trainee, Michigan

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