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Mile2 ™, CVAE ™, Certified Vulnerability Analysis Engineer ™, CPTE ™, Certified Pen Testing Expert ™, CPTS ™,Certified Pen Testing Specialist ™, Certified Penetration Testing Engineer™, CPTEngineer, CPTE, Certified Penetration Testing Consultant™, CPTConsultant, CSCE ™, Certified Secure Coding Engineer ™, CWAS, Certified Wireless Administrator Specialist ™, CWSS ™, Certified Wireless Security Specialist ™, CWAE ™, Certified Wireless Analysis Engineer ™, CFED ™, CDFE ™, ADFT ™, Training America’s Next Generation of Digital Detectives ™, Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery ™, Digital Forensic Techniques ™, Digital Forensics and Electronic Discovery ™, Advanced Digital Forensic Techniques ™, Computer Forensics Bootcamp ™, The Information Access Tacticians ™, Mile2 Security Academy ™, Go2 for Security ™, are trademarks of Mile2 or exclusively licensed to Mile2 by their respective owners.

CPTC ™, Certified Pen Testing Consultant ™, Certified Penetration Tester ™ CPT ™, Certified Pen Tester ™, Certified Penetration Testing ™, Certified Financial Sector Vulnerability Specialist ™ (CFSVS ™), Certified NetSec Specialist ™ (CNS ™), Certified Information Security Assurance Professional ™ (CISAP ™), Secure2 ™,Security Savvy ™, Security Specialist ™, Accelerated Security Awareness Programme ™ (ASAP ™) and Security Awareness For Everyone ™ SAFE ™, are trademarks of Mile2. The mile2 word mark and stylized mark has been officially registered in the US Patent and Trademark office under serial numbers 85110058 & 85110073.



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Citrix, the Citrix logo, Citrix ICA, Citrix MetaFrame, Citrix MetaFrame XP, Citrix Nfuse, Citrix Extranet, Citrix Program Neighborhood, Citrix WinFrame, and other Citrix product names referenced herein are registered trademarks or trademarks of Citrix Systems, Inc. in the United States and other jurisdictions.



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F5, F5 Networks, the F5 logo, BIG-IP, 3-DNS, iControl, Packet Velocity, Internet Control Architecture, IP Application Switch, SYN Check, GLOBAL-SITE, SEE-IT, EDGE-FX, and FireGuard are registered trademarks or trademarks of F5 Networks, Inc. in the U.S. and certain other countries.



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(ISC)2 is a service mark of the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc.
(CISSP) is a registered certification mark of the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc
(SSCP) is a certification mark of the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc.



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Active Channel, Active Desktop, Active Directory, ActiveStore, ActiveSync, ActiveX, Advisor FYI, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Allegiance, Amped, Asheron’s Call, Ask Maxwell, Authenticode, Azurik, BackOffice, BackOffice logo, bCentral, BizTalk, Bookshelf, CarPoint, ClearLead, Computing Central, Crimson Skies, Developer Studio, DirectDraw, DirectMusic, DirectPlay, DirectSound, DirectX, Encarta, Entourage, Fighter Ace, FrontPage, HomeAdvisor, Home Essentials, Hotmail, Links, Links Extreme, MapPoint, MechCommander, MechWarrior, Microsoft, Microsoft Agent logo, Microsoft Internet Explorer logo, Microsoft Office Compatible logo, Microsoft Press, Microsoft TV logo, Midtown Madness, Mobile Explorer, MoneyCentral, Monster Truck Madness, Motocross Madness, MSDN, MSN, MSN logo (butterfly), .Net logo, NetMeeting, Nightcaster, Outlook, Outsmart, Passport logo, Picture It!, PowerPoint, Precision Racing, Project Gotham Racing, Revenge of Arcade, Rise of Perathia, SharePoint, Slate, Tex Murphy, The Age of Kings, The Everyday Web, Trekker, UltimateTV, UltimateTV logo, UltraCorps, UnderWire, Urban Assault, VGA, Virtual Golf Association, Visio, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual InterDev, Visual J++, Visual Studio, WebTV, Where do you want to go today?, Windows, Windows logo, Windows Media, Windows Media logo, Windows NT, Xbox, XBOX logo, Xbox “X” logo, ZoneFriends, ZoneLAN, ZoneMatch, ZoneMessage, Zoo Tycoon, and/or other Microsoft products referenced herein are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.



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Planet3 Wireless, CWNA, CWSP, CWNE, CWNT and CWNP are registered trademarks or service marks of Planet3 Wireless, Inc.



Snort Training Page. Sourcefire and Snort are Trademarks or Registered Trademarks of Sourcefire, INC. Patents Pending

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