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Mile2 is a leader in the implementation of our cybersecurity certification curriculum in regionally accredited universities, colleges, and global education institutions.  We provide accredited curriculum towards associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree programs.  Our fully integrated LMS provides a turn key solution for access to learning materials, student assessment, labs and exams.

This offer is for educators and department heads in IT.  You must apply and provide proof of employment as an IT instructor or department head at an educational institution.  Mile2 reserves the right to approve or deny any application for any reason.  While this course will cost you nothing, you do give us permission to contact you for feedback regarding the course and your Mile2 experience.

Your Cybersecurity Curriculum Partner

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Comprehensive Learning
Material Packages

Each course includes access to online videos, ebook, lab guide, lab access, exam prep, practice exam, and exam.*

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Hands-On Labs

All of our labs are built to reflect real-world scenarios and reinforce what was learned in the modules. They are hosted on an independent server using our Ghost Pentesting Application.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Flexible Learning Options

Use some, or all of the materials available in each course. The instructor can decide which portions to include.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Instructor Support

Our learning management system includes access to reports on student activity, exam grades, group progress, and can be used to assign additional work.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Global Leaders

We have been developing curriculum for accredited certifications used by educational institutions and governments for 20 years.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Flexible Video Learning

Each chapter includes an instructor guided video. These videos can be used in the class or assigned independently.

Mile2 in a Degree Program - Case Study: Pensacola State

BAS: Bachelor of Applied Science in Cybersecurity Information Security Concentration

Pensacola spear-headed the first Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees using Mile2 certifications. The CYSC-BAS is built on INFOSEC’s most renown mile2 cyber certifications; C)DRE, C)ISSO, C)DFE and C)PTE.


The Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Cybersecurity is built on the cyber security fundamental domains identified in the world renowned Mile2’s Certified Information Security System Officer (CISSO) Certification. Graduates of this BAS degree program who enter from the preferred academic pathway, Associate in Science in Cybersecurity, will be prepared to earn 17 industry standard certifications (9 at the associate level and 8 at the baccalaureate level). These certifications have been identified by industry partners as highly desirable in employees, provide quantifiable knowledge and skills in a specific technology, and are recognized worldwide. Throughout the program, students will work in a hands-on environment that will reinforce theoretical concepts and enable students to apply knowledge in real-world situations.

The program curriculum includes upper level courses in database, cloud, and operating system security in addition to risk management, ethics, and security testing. The curriculum, including the Associate in Science in Cybersecurity, includes 84 credit hours of cybersecurity coursework (42 credit hours at the associate level and 42 credit hours at the baccalaureate level) as well as the 60 credit hour general education curriculum.

Sample Baccalaureate Degree Program

Lower Level Requirements: 21 CC

Course ID Course Name Mile2 Course Credit Hours
CET 2614C
Network Security
3 cc
COP 1510
Programming Concepts
3 cc
CTS 1300
Administering Microsoft Workstation
3 cc
CTS 1390
Install and Configure Servers
3 cc
CTS 2120
Security Principles
3 cc
CTS 2149
Project Management
3 cc
CTS 2318
Information Security Management
3 cc

Core Course Requirements: 21 CC

Course ID Course Name Mile2 Course Credit Hours
CGS 3812
Disaster Recovery
3 cc
CIS 3361
Security Testing and Auditing
3 cc
CIS 3615
Secure Software Development
3 cc
CIS 4253
Ethics in Information
3 cc
CIS 4385
Computer Forensics and Investigations
3 cc
CIS 4512
Information Risk Management
3 cc
CIS 4596
Cybersecurity Capstone
3 cc

Concentration Course Requirements

Course ID Course Name MILE2 COURSE Credit Hours
CIS 3367
Operating Systems Security
3 cc
CIS 4201
Laws and Legal Aspects in INFOSEC
3 cc
CIS 4357
Advanced Security Practitioner
3 cc
CIS 3411
Security Operations
3 cc
CIS 3421
Securing the Cloud
3 cc
CNT 3524
Wireless Security
3 cc
ISM 4314
Project and Change Managment
3 cc

Is This for You?

A quality Cybersecurity Program covers a variety of computer technology and internet technology concepts.  Your students will be provided with the skills needed to implement, analyze, and manage information systems in both the public and private sector with the goal of protecting the integrity and availability of those systems.

The course work will cover operating systems, hardware, networks, security management, best practices, risk analysis and mitigation.

Secure Your Future

The skills gap in cybersecurity is expected to grow to over 3 million job openings.  Our daily life, economic stability, and national security is depending more and more on cyber warfare.  Cyber intrusions, attacks, and breaches have increased exponentially over the last decade with estimates that a hack is attempted every 3 seconds.


One of the Department of Homeland Security’s highest priorities is to grow and equip talent in the area of cybersecurity.  This is an area where future opportunities will continue to grow.  As such, the average salary for cybersecurity professionals is over $98,000/year.

Opportunities & Occupations

In 2020 when CISA released their list of essential workers, cybersecurity professionals were listed as a part of every industry.

Cybersecurity jobs are found in sectors all over the world including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, financial and investment services, law enforcement, and national security.

Examples Include:

• Digital Crimes Task Force for the US Secret Service

• Combating cyber crime for law enforcement

• Supporting small business financial transactions

• Ensuring secure elections in democratic nations

• Building secure programs for internet services

• Penetration Testing for financial institutions

Seamless Integration with Existing Programs

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Sensical Progression

Our courses are designed to follow a standard university progression of 100, 200, 200, 400 level courses.
See our Certification Roadmap.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Hands-On Labs

Many of our courses include hands-on labs in our proprietary Mile2 Cyber Range hosted on our GHOST pen testing application.

About Mile2 training options

Flexible Learning Options

Learning can be instructor-guided in the classrom or online, and with our powerful LMS, self-guided experiences are an option.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

No Additional Resources Needed

All course materials and exams are provided and hosted by Mile2. No additional university server resources or maintanence is required.


Certifications & Accreditations

Mile2 curriculum is accredited by NIST and mapped to the NICCS framework for cybersecurity careers.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

University Branded Page

Mile2 will build a university branded page on our website from which the students can select their curriculum.

The Student Experience

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Workforce Ready

Students will have the opportunity to enter a high-income, high-demand field armed with a degree, several industry recognized certifications and hands-on experience.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Practice & Certification Exams

Each Mile2 exam, if passed with an 80% or above score, includes and accredited certification. Practice exams are provided to prepare for the certification exam.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Mile2 Support

Students can reach Mile2 via phone, chat, or email. All technical questions the students may have can be referred to Mile2 staff.

free 2nd chance exam Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

2nd Chance Exam

By default every student receives two opportunities to pass the certification exam. This option is available for up to 12 months from the time they enroll in the course.

Increase Earnings Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Strong Career Prospects

All Mile2 curriculum is mapped to specific role-based career paths designed to give students the best tools possible for lucrative careers in a variety of INFOSEC careers.

Red vs Blue 1

Cyber Warfare

Students will have the opportunity to attack and defend in simulated scenarios designed to emulate real-world situations.

The Instructor Experience

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

LMS with Student Progress

Using Mile2's private LMS, professors and instructors will have access to all student data for the students enrolled in their course.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Instructor Training

Mile2 offers a free and robust "Train the Instructor" program that includes all learning materials, plus LMS instructional videos and additional support materials as needed.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Group Reports

Group Reports in the LMS provide a high level look at overall progress and student engagement.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Instructor Assignments

Instructors can utilize Mile2's LMS to assign additional work and written assessments so that all student work is in one location.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Individual Reports

Individual Reports give instructors real time information on student's activities, how much time has been spent on a topic, and exam scores.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Exams and Assessments

While exam grades are automatically available, exam questions and answers are kept private to preserve the integrity of the exam. Instructors can request specific detailed information as needed.

Universities That Utilize Our Support Program

Lawrence Technical Institute
Bowling Green State University
Pensacola State College
Highline College
Wayne State University
Cal Poly Cyber Security


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Securing the Future Together

Mile2’s goal is to produce strong educational materials that departments can utilize to provide their students with the most  up to date information in the rapidly evolving area of cybersecurity.  Together, we can prepare a generation of INFOSEC with the tools and knowledge needed to combat future cyber threats.


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3.  Attach a copy of your faculty ID or other proof of your employment with an educational institution.

4.  After we verify your credentials we will load the course into your account and you will receive an email letting you know everything is ready.

5.  Start Learning! – You will be supplied with the same learning materials that your students would be able to engage with should your institution choose to integrate Mile2 materials into your program.

*NOTE: If you use your faculty email to set up your account please check your junk mail for a few days for correspondence.


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The support ticket system is for technical questions and post-sale issues.


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