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About Mile2

Emerging in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy, Mile2 has pioneered the development and dissemination of exclusive vendor-neutral cybersecurity certification programs. Through their Mile2 Assessment and Certification System (MACS), they conduct rigorous examinations. These certifications delve into both fundamental and advanced cyber security principles, charting a progressive course for workforce development. Participants are guided through a comprehensive curriculum, culminating in advanced hands-on training in pivotal disciplines like penetration testing, disaster recovery, incident handling, and network forensics. Notably, Mile2 holds global accreditation, adhering to the most stringent standards, underscoring their commitment to excellence and credibility on a worldwide scale.


The name “Mile2” draws inspiration from an ancient Roman practice where soldiers possessed the authority to compel citizens to carry their burdens for precisely one mile. This custom, rooted in the Roman Empire’s reign, represented a form of forced labor, with citizens obligated to comply without question.


However, the teachings of Jesus in the biblical book of Matthew introduced a transformative perspective. In urging his disciples to willingly extend their efforts beyond the mandated mile, Jesus advocated for a spirit of generosity and exceeding expectations. This principle has endured through the ages, evolving into the modern adage “go the extra mile.”


In the context of Mile2, this name symbolizes a commitment to surpassing conventional limits and delivering exceptional service, echoing the ethos of dedication and excellence exemplified by cybersecurity professionals striving to safeguard digital assets.

Mile2 boasts a vast network of over 200 training partners worldwide, comprising a diverse array of private training companies, academies, universities, colleges, and governmental entities.

Mile2 holds numerous prestigious accreditations, including recognition from the NSA’s CNSS 4011-4016, the Homeland Security NICCS’s Security Workforce Framework, and approval from the FBI for Cyber Security training requirements. Additionally, Mile2 has earned the endorsement of California’s Cal OES, POST, and CSTI. Moreover, Mile2 aligns with the NICE NIST/Homeland Security NICCS Cyber Security Workforce Framework and is listed as an approved provider for FBI Cyber Security Certification Requirements (Tier 1-3). Notably, several of Mile2’s certification programs have recently attained accreditation from ANAB ISO 17024, further solidifying their commitment to excellence and industry standards.

Mile2 is renowned for its comprehensive array of cybersecurity certifications catered to esteemed global organizations. These include:


C)ISSO (Certified Information Systems Security Officer) for the Canadian Department of National Defense;

C)PTE (Certified Penetration Testing Engineer) tailored for the United States Air Force;

C)NFE (Certified Network Forensics Examiner) designed for a United States Counterintelligence Agency;

C)SWAE (Certified Secure Web Application Engineer) developed specifically for Boeing Aerospace.

Mile2 also delivers Information Assurance services tailored to meet the rigorous specifications of military, government, private sector, and institutional clients.

Our Methodology

Our classroom content and certifications are based on the real world needs of government, public, and private sector entities.  Due to our outstanding history of providing leadership in the cyber security certification sector, organizations, like the ones listed below, have requested customized INFOSEC training from Mile2.  All of our certifications are accredited by NICCS and the NSA CNSS 4011-4016, are role-based, and offered in several different career path areas.

Canada Army Navy Airforce

Canadian Department of National Defence

Our C)ISSO - Certified Information Systems Security Officer - course is used by the Canadian Department of National Defense.


United States Air Force

The C)PTE - Certified Penetration Testing Engineer - course is used by the the United States Air Force.

Defense Logistics Agency

United States Counterintelligence Agency

Mile2's C)NFE - Certified Network Forensics Examiner


Boeing Aerospace

Our C)SWAE - Certified Secure Web Application Engineer - course is used by Boeing Aerospace.

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