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Information Assurance Services:

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing emulates the way a hacker may infiltrate a system in a controlled and methodical manner.

Vulnerability Assessment

Reporting the results of the Penetration Test that outline clear steps to increasing security and avoiding network downtime.

Digital Forensics

Digital investigators use a variety of tools to determine how an information system breech occurred, what information was compromised, and try to retrieve any lost data.

Web Security Assessments

How secure is your website?  Does it meet regulatory requirements?  Our web security assessment team will answer those questions.

Application Code Analysis

Apps are have their own vulnerabilities.  Ensuring that the code used is secure will protect your entire network.

Expert Witness & Testimony

Mile2's professionals can provide needed expertise on the witness stand.  

Other Services:

• Security Policy Services

• Physical Security Assessments

• Business Continuity Evaluation and Planning

• Security Design and Remediation

• Virtualization Design and Implementation

• Security Training

Professional Security Services

Mile2 offers comprehensive penetration testing to secure your information assets from attackers both inside and outside your infrastructure.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

•  Intelligently manage vulnerabilities
•  Avoid the cost of network
•  Meet regulatory requirements
•  Avoid fines
•  Preserve corporate image
•  Customer retention
•  Justify security investments
•  Satisfy prerequisites for cybersecurity insurance.

We offer:

•  Black Box Testing (Zero Knowledge)
•  White Box Testing (Complete Knowledge)
•  Gray Box Testing (Combination of White/Black)

Why You Need to Secure Your Information System

The increasing amount of large-scale, well-publicized breaches tells us that not only are the number of security breaches going up — they’re increasing in severity, as well. Data breaches expose sensitive information that leave exposed users at risk for identity theft, ruin companies’ reputations and almost always leave the company liable for compliance violations.

• Hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day. (University of Maryland)

• The average cost of a data breach is $3.92 million as of 2019. (Security Intelligence)

• Data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records in the first half of 2019. (RiskBased)

• 18 Russians, 19 Chinese individuals, 11 Iranians and one North Korean were involved in indictments for their alleged state-sponsored espionage against the United States. (Symantec)

Do not ignore your company’s information security needs and responsibilities.  Protect your customers, your business, and your country from data theft and intrusion.

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