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Reply To: OCU C)DFE D Week 01 Devotion

Kevin Mehok

IST2900 Digital Forensic Examiner
Week One
Kevin Mehok

We have been asked to discuss what we sincerely appreciate about someone in our lives that has been honest to us. I have decided to discuss own of my first bosses, George Nebe. He was brutally honest. At times I thought he was a bit harsh and abrasive. Now that I am older, I realize he was extremely fair. He did not sugar coat anything and made it clear that you knew where he stood.

What set him apart from others was clear. As he was load, direct, and extremely blunt. I feel that his directness at times was very intimidating at times. Again, now that I am older, I can really see his value in just being himself.

God Bless,



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