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Coronavirus Reveals Need for Cybersecurity Professionals in Every Major Industry

Become essential with training in cybersecurity.  As millions of people began working from home, information security concerns came into sharp focus, as did the labor gap in this vital sector.

Cybersecurity is essential

Want to become essential in 2020 and beyond?  Christopher C. Krebs, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrustructure Security Agency, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, released the “Essential Critical Infrustructure Workers” list during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  The information was posted on the CISA website and included every major industry. Cybersecurity was listed as an essential component in every industry.

“Our daily life, economic vitality, and national security depend on a stable, safe, and resilient cyberspace.” – CISA

What does this mean for cybersecurity professionals?

At Mile2, looked at each of the areas deemed essential to the basic functioning of our nation, and one thing became abundantly clear…CYBERSECURITY IS A KEY PART OF EVERY CRITICAL INDUSTRY.  In fact, according to the CISA website “Our daily life, economic vitality, and national security depend on stable, safe, & resilient cyberspace.”

As millions of people began working from home, information security vulnerability concerns came into sharp focus. 

*     Companies worried whether their employees knew how to keep their information private. “Millions of Americans are Suddenly Working from Home.  That’s a Huge Security Risk” CNN Business

*      Organizations specializing in video conferencing admitted flaws in their systems.  “Experts Warn of Security Issues with Zoom Video Platform” WCAX3

*    Governments have discovered fatal flaws and errors in systems written with code that’s over 50 years old.  “The COVID-19 Pandemic has Revealed Another Area of Critical Government Underinvestment” – Washington Post

If you want to become an essential worker in the workforce of the future, cybersecurity is a great choice.

Essential workers Become Essential

Essential Worker Job/Skilled Labor Gap in Cybersecurity

Before COVID-19 cybersecurity careers were already slated to have a staggering growth projection of 32%  with a median pay of $98,350 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Once the pandemic forced companies to adapt to millions of remote employees, vast weaknesses in networks were revealed. With so many flaws in the cybersecurity structure discovered all at once, we expect the job growth in cybersecurity to skyrocket.  Current projections show over 3.5 million job openings in the cybersecurity arena by 2021.

Now is the time to take steps to become an essential worker in the post-COVID-19 reality with cybersecurity certifications.

Looking for a Career Switch to Become Essential?

One of the best ways to become essential in the INFOSEC world is with cybersecurity certifications.  Mile2 has developed a set of courses designed to educate someone with NO experience in cybersecurity.  Our FOUNDATIONAL COURSE PACK includes everything someone with little to no experience would need to lay the groundwork for a strong cybersecurity career.  5 courses that cover Security Awareness, Hardware Systems, Operating Systems, Networking Principles and Security Principles will give you the knowledge you need to pursue this expanding field.

As a bonus, the Certified Security Principles includes 4-week access to our CYBER RANGE LAB for a hands-on learning environment where you can test out your new found skills!


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