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What is an ISSO?




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What is a Certified Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)?

A certified Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) protects the IT infrastructure of companies, organizations, or agencies. Your duties include taking proactive security measures, assessing risks, and responding to security breaches. You monitor networks, databases, and computer systems and create a risk management plan for IT systems. You perform security updates and build firewalls and other security features. Your responsibilities also include assessing security practices and procedures. You may coordinate penetration tests to test the effectiveness of current security systems. Based on the results of this assessment, you implement changes and train employees in secure computer practices.

How Much Does a Certified Information Systems Security Officer Earn?

Increase Earnings Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Up to $150,000/yr

National Average:  $108,686/yr

Source:  Zip Recruiter 

Mile2 has designed the C)ISSO Exam to measure your understanding of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard for managing information security.  These standards require that  management performs the following in regards to their Information System Security:


1.  Systematically examine the risks, vulnerabilities, and impacts of the system

2.  Design and implement information security controls and risk mitigation.

  • 3.  Adopt an overarching process to ensure that implemented controls continue to meet an organizations security needs.

What Topics are Covered in the Certified Information Systems Security Officer Exam?

What is the Exam Like?

C)ISSO Information Systems Security Officer exam combo-1
free 2nd chance exam Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

The Certified Information Systems Security Officer Exam will take approximately 2 hours.  It is a multiple choice exam and will be taken online via your account.

100 exam questions are served from a much larger bank of questions so each exam is unique.  However, all of the topics described to the left are covered in every exam. 

A passing score of 70% is required to earn the C)ISSO certification from Mile2.  The certification is valid for 3 years.  Certification Renewal Policies can be found at

There is an opportunity to retake the exam should you not pass the 1st time.  Our free “Second Chance Exam” will automatically load if you do not pass the certification exam on your first attempt.

We encourage you to use the unlimited practice exams and exam prep guide to prepare yourself for the certification exam.

If you do not achieve the passing score after two attempts you will need to purchase a new exam attempt and there may be a waiting period before you can retake the Certified Information Systems Security Officer exam again.

Is Training Available for the Certified Information Systems Security Officer Exam?

There are two options for training to help prepare you for the Certified Information Systems Security Officer Exam.


1.  The Ultimate Self-Study Combo will give you 12 months of access to instructional materials as well as access to the certification exam.


2.  The Live Class will give you everything in the Ultimate Self-Study Combo plus 5 days of live instruction via an online classroom.


All materials and exams are accessed through your account.

What Learning Materials Come
With the Training?

1.  Ebook/s –  These online flip books have been built by industry and subject matter experts to deliver you a dynamic learning experience.  Each chapter includes text as well as infographics for visual learners.  Plus there is plenty of space on each page for notes.

2.  Videos – The videos coincide with the books with a recorded instructor going through each page and adding descriptions, life experiences, and conversational-style delivery for auditory learners.

3. Exam Prep Guide – Much like an ATC or SAT prep guide, the prep guide will briefly cover all topics and areas you should be prepared to be questioned in during the certification exam.

4.  Practice Exam – Unlimited practice exams simulate the exam environment, but beware!  The questions on the exam are NOT the same as in the exam simulator.  Often, the practice exam questions are a bit easier.  A good score on the practice exam will not guarantee a good score on the certification exam.

5.  Certification Exam – A multiple choice test

6.  Second Chance Exam – Should you not achieve the 70% score needed for certification on your first attempt.

What are My Training Options?

C)ISSO Information Systems Security Officer ultimate combo
Ebook and Instructional Videos covering all 19 learning modules.
Exam Prep Guide and Certification Exam Included!
C)ISSO Information Systems Security Officer live class
Get Everything in the Ultimate Combo plus Live-Online Instruction. The C)ISSO is a 5 day course. Click to see our schedule.


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