Mile2 Cybersecurity Certifications

Cybersecurity Certifications

Learning Management System

Mile2 uses Learndash to execute our courses, exams, certificate and badge distribution.  We operate Learndash 3.0 and maintain all updates.  Learndash is a SCORM compliant system.


User Data Storage

The website employs SSL security.  All user information is housed on a server with our hosting agent.  Additionally, we employ the Cloudflare CDN for an added layer of protection.  All course and exam information is streamed through our password protected site.  Users are not able to download course materials, exam questions or answers.  Internally, access to course material and exam results is limited to Administrators with specific permissions and all activity is monitored and recorded via their login credentials.  Login data is stored by username and IP address and is stored for 1 year.


Course Adminstration

Courses are presented as either self-paced or live class.  All course participation requires an account on  With the self-paced option students login and access their applicable course videos, workbooks, lab guides, exam simulators and exams. None of the course material can be downloaded and students have access for up to 1 year.  Live Class students have access to the same materials as self-study students, but are able to participate in live instruction at a Mile2 certified training facility or via Zoom.  All instructors are Mile2 certified in the courses they are administrating.  Course workbooks and prep guides can be ordered in a physical format. These are ordered through the site.  These materials are copywrited and distribution or copying of of these materials is not permitted.


Exam Adminstration

Certification Exams are timed.  Each exam has a 2 hour time window.  A minimum score of 70% is required to secure certification.  Should a technical failure interupt an exam, the exam must be restarted from the beginning by contacting Mile2 and requesting an exam reset.  If the examinee does not obtain a passing score on the first attempt and has a “Second Chance” exam opportunity, they must contact Mile2 and request a second chance exam.  Pausing an exam is not an option.




Please Note:

The support ticket system is for technical questions and post-sale issues.


If you have pre-sale questions please use our chat feature or email .