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What is a network?  You hear the word all of the time, and you may have a vague idea about what it means.  However, in today’s computing space, networks are EVERYTHING and a vague understand is just not enough. The Certified Network Principles course, or C)NP is here to help! 

In this fun and fast paced course you will  learn concepts and skills needed to plan, install, maintain, and troubleshoot today’s networks including wireless and server-based networks!  Want to learn about new technologies like virtual networks and SD Networks found in many cloud architectures?  We’ve got you covered, and then we move to  physical components, TCP/IP Stack, OSI Model, switches, routers, wireless, and Bluetooth. Lastly, we finish up the C)NP with the knowledge you need to perform the day to day operations of an organization, so you will be able to secure and maintain an entire network! 

Welcome to the New Hope Christian Network Principles course brought to you in partnership with Mile2 Cybersecurity Certifications.

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