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Cyber Sheild 2021

The CYBER SHIELD 2021 course is a proprietary course developed by Mile2 to provide military and government personnel the forensic skills needed to engage in detection, prevention and recovery tactics within cyber space.

The Cyber Shield 2021 Course was originally designed for the Ohio National Guard. It is a vendor neutral cyber security course focusing on the acquisition and collection of evidence, forensic analysis, malware analysis and report writing.

The Cyber Shield 2021 course training entails hands on labs in mile2’s proprietary cyber range. Each lab designated teaches the methodology for conducting a computer forensic examination, an incident/event and general network forensic scenarios. Students will learn to use industry acceptable and forensically sound investigative techniques in order to, evaluate the scene, collect and document all relevant information, interview appropriate personnel, maintain chain-of-custody, and write a findings/executive report.

This specialized course covers topics from Mile2’s C)DFE, C)NFE, and C)CSA courses which are all a part of our Master Forensic Investigator line of study.

Key Course Information

Live Class Duration: 3 Days

Language: English

Class Formats:
*  Instructor-led

*  Live Virtual Training


* 12 months in Internet Technology


* 12 months in Information Security


CPEs:  40



Module 1: Forensics Process/Threat Management

Module 2
: Digital Acquisition.

Module 3
: General Artifact Analysis

Module 4
: Malware Analysis

Module 5
: Digital Forensics Reporting


Lab 1: Chain of Custody 

Lab 2: Identify Seized Evidences 

Lab 3: Assessing Current Defense State 

Lab 4: Upgrading Detection Capabilities

Lab 5: Devices Acquisition 

Lab 6: Digital Forensics

Lab 7: Traffic Analysis 

Lab 8: Prepare the Case Evidence (1st Evidence)

Lab 9: Investigate Acquired Evidence

Lab 10: Prepare Case Evidence (2nd Evidence) 

Lab 11: Finding Clues 

Lab 12: Malware Analysis

Lab 13: Stuxnet Trogen

Lab 14: Incident Response 

About the Cyber Range

Mile2’s Cyber Range is a hands-on environment hosted on the exclusive Mile2 Ghost Pentesting Environment.  No simulations are used.  Instead, participants face real-world challenges in order to develop practical skills.

Upon Completion

Upon completion, Certified Information Systems Security Officer students will not only be able to establish industry acceptable Cyber Security & IS management standards with current best practices but also be prepared to competently take the CISSO exam.

Course Completion Certificate

Upon completion of the course the participant will receive a course completion certificate that will be delivered to their account and can be printed for verification purposes.

Exam Information

This course does not map to a specific exam.  However, with the broad range of topics covered, a student could consider sitting for the C)DFE, C)NFE, or C)CSA certification exams.  Carefully review the course and exam outlines to determine if you would need additional education in order to successfully pass the exam.

Who Should Attend

  • Army National Guard
  • Network Defense
  • Cyber Protection Team
  • Security Officers
  • IS Managers
  • State Agents
  • IT Managers
  • ISO


Do I have to purchase a course to buy a certification exam?

NO.  You do not have to purchase a course to purchase a certification exam.  

Do all Mile2 courses map to a role-based career path?

All of our courses can be taken independently.  In order to help guide our students on their cybersecurity career journey we have developed the Mile2 Certification Roadmap.

This helpful resource maps specific courses to Role-based career tracks.

How to I Access My Exam?

1. Go to

2. Select the “Courses” tab
3. Choose the course name that matches the exam you want to take

4. In the course materials, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the certifiation exam.
5.  See this helpful video:

Course Materials

  • Electronic Workbook
  • Electronic Lab Guide
  • Access to the Cyber Range


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