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Reply To: OCU C)ISSO D Discussion Lesson 14

Marcena Davis

Database security is a crucial aspect of any organization’s security infrastructure. After reading through the chapter and watching the video on database security, I realized that there are many security issues that organizations must address to protect their sensitive data.

One issue that comes to mind is SQL injection attacks. These attacks occur when an attacker uses malicious SQL statements to gain unauthorized access to a database. The attacker can then manipulate, steal, or delete sensitive data. I have heard of several instances where SQL injection attacks have resulted in significant data breaches, causing immense financial and reputational damage to organizations.

Another issue that concerns me is insider threats. These threats are posed by individuals who have authorized access to an organization’s database, such as employees or contractors. Insider threats can occur due to intentional actions, such as stealing or leaking data, or unintentional actions, such as inadvertently exposing sensitive information. Insider threats can be challenging to detect and prevent, making them a significant concern for organizations.

Overall, database security is a complex and evolving field, and organizations must continually assess and improve their security measures to protect against potential threats.


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