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Reply To: OCU C)ISSO D Devotion 05

Kevin Mehok

IST3100 Information Systems Security Officer
Week Five
Assignment #1
WK5 Devotional
Kevin Mehok

Hey Class,
This week’s devotional reminds us that we have been created in the image of God. The challenge in considering as to whether or not there is life on other planets, seems so, well ‘unchanging’ for me. I feel that I would not lose an once of faith or belief in God if I was learn about life on another planets.

As for me, this would in fact prove to me again just how powerful our God and almighty Creator actually is. His power, His vastness is so far beyond our scope of understanding. The same must be said about His love for us. Scripture also reminds us of God’s desire to be loved by us.

Once again, as humans, this idea is well beyond our ability to reason and understand. I am personally validated and assured about God’s love when I hear music, see something beautiful, and feel a certain way, all of these things happen because of God’s all-consuming love.

God Bless,



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