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Kelly Crooks

I am currently not struggling with a vice but there was a time in my life when I did struggle with something. While it wasn’t a demon or an evil spirit it did hold me day and night for several years. I would do good for a while and then it would take control of my life and consume me. While I never hurt anyone or committed a crime, it did have control of my mind, soul, and body. Not until I admitted I needed help and cried out to Jesus early in the morning in May 0f 2019, did I get the peace and help I needed from Him. I don’t understand how people can face demons and evil vices in their lives and not have Jesus to help them through it. Jesus hears our cries for help and He is willing and able to come to us, all we have to do is ask. That could be in the form of a prayer, a request, or an all-out cry for help. Jesus heard my cry for help and saved me from that demon.


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