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Reply To: OCU C)ISSO D Discussion Lesson 16

Kelly Crooks

Marcena, I agree with your ways of planning for a disaster. I sometimes wonder how many employers have regular disaster and fire training with their employees. I think that ensuring that each employee knows and understands and has the skills to identify potential threats and how to safeguard against them is critical in keeping everyone in the physical location safe and keeping the data safe. I had to install a fire detection system in the daycare center that was run in our church. After installing it and testing it, I had to make weekly trips there to do fire drills. At first, they would know the time and day I was coming, but then just to catch them off guard and make it seem more realistic, I would just stop in and set the alarm off. It was important to make sure that all the staff and children knew how to get out of the building safely and in a timely manner.


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