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Reply To: OCU C)DFE D Week 04 Devotion

Kevin Mehok

IST2901 Digital Forensic Examiner
Week Four
Assignment #1
WK4 Devotional
Kevin Mehok

Hey Class,

I can certainly appreciate the fact that we should consider how to stay fresh within our faith. Seriously though, we know when to upgrade our phones, our vehicles, and our home decor. Yet, many of us, including myself, do not know when or how to update/upgrade our faith. This devotion has allowed for myself to think about ways to improve and strengthen my faith or my relationship with God.

I think a good way to do this may be to volunteer and serve the community at large in some capacity. This act will promote or spark a connection with the Lord and Savior. This is what I call a ‘aha’ moment. We need moments like this to realize the good. I do think we need to constantly stay Intune with the Lord and Savior.

Thanks all I’ve gpt.

God Bless,



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