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Reply To: OCU C)DFE D Week 04 Devotion

Kelly Crooks

It is important to keep our faith fresh and up to date with Christ. A couple of ways that I have found to do this is with my prayer. I started this a couple of years ago and I found it to be not only good for me in my spiritual walk with Christ but it helps make me aware of things going on in other countries or parts of the world. At the beginning of each week, I pick a country or city to pray for. I look up current events in the area, the most popular and common form of religion (if they have one), and the economic status of the area and I pray that God helps them in whatever way they need help. That could be economic assistance, the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus, medical supplies and help, humanitarian assistance, or prayer for peace if they are in a war-torn area. I pray for them with what God lays on my heart.

The other way I found to stay fresh and renewed in my spiritual walk with Christ is in my daily devotions. I have found several different websites and books to help me with this. They are devotions that pertain to today’s world and society. The devotions have been very eye-opening to me to see God’s word and His work from other points of view. It has helped me to see what God is doing in not only my life but around the world as well.


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