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Amy Hastings

A few networking devices include routers, hubs, access points and a switch. A router is used to send data to a computer network and they connect to different devices to improve your internet access and connections. You can also use a router if you need more than a few devices connected to the same Wi-Fi as well. A Hub is also used to connect multiple devices onto a network but are most commonly used to connect computers to LAN’s. The device you use on the hub has to be plugged into one of the outlets on the hub to connect to the network you wish to connect it to. Access points are a device that is used to create a wireless network connection and they are used mostly in offices and other buildings if connected and on a WLAN. The access point is connected to the routers to better support and protect the Wi-Fi signal. And a switch is used to also connect multiple devices like the routers and printers. This helps the devices receive information from one another.


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