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Reply To: OCU ISCAP A Week 01 Lesson 02 Discussion

Aaron Elliott

Information security management is valuable to a company since security needs to be owned and well-structured to be effective, and an effective security protects important business assets. The AIC Triad policy ensures three measurable understandings of security, these features include availability of assets, be it all the time or at specific times, as determined by management. Integrity ensures that the asset is not tampered or altered. Confidential concept ensures that data is not compromised or leaked to bad actors. The triad is a good example of core values of security.

Human resources aids in security management by evaluating and onboarding one of the biggest risks to security, which are internal associates. By creating policy and accountability for failures to uphold security, human resources give security teams options to handle bad actors. Also, the screening of people during interviews helps maintain security.

Ownership is important to security as someone needs to own the security program or nothing will get done. Top management needs to agree with what needs protected and assign a team to own the protection of those assets. A chain of different levels of responsibility is constructed from management down to the user level with access controls applied and duties.


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