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Cybersecurity Certifications

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Aaron Elliott

Opening position: Operations Security Management.

Role Responsibilities:
Operations Security Managers are responsible for keeping up with the latest security software updates and configure patches to fit business needs. Managers will be expected to maintain logs and record keeping, along with analyzing logs and securing log data from tampering. Logs will be required to be backed up in case of data loss and adhere to the companies record retention policy. Create a change control process to document changes to operations, including who, why and when the change was made. Managers will need to maintain a schedule of preventative maintenance, with the goal to avoid emergency maintenance, this will relate to proper schedule upkeep for future concerns that may arise. Also, managers will have to upkeep a system of redundancy to avoid points of failure, for example a RAID storage system in case of hard drive failure, and backups of network images. Managers need to manage associates from being failure points by cross training and separation of duties.

Daily tasks include:
Fixing hardware and software issues, among other information technology issues. Maintaining security checks and backups are performed. Handling of any incident reports, like security breaches, anomalies found in logs etc. Daily tasks needed to maintain desired performance of networks and security measures.


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