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Reply To: OCU ISCAP A Week 02 Lesson 07 Discussion

Aaron Elliott

When two people wish to send information to each other but want the information to be kept secret they would try to hide it from the wrong people, they would make the information secret through the use of cryptography. A way they make the information secret is by taking plain text of a specific size, which is specified by bits, which a bit is the smallest information stored on a computer, typically a one or zero integer, and transform it into a jumbled mess of text, this is called a block cipher. A popular method is called Blowfish which is also a block cipher, which has no effective way to crack the secret of the message yet. Blowfish can keep blocks up to 64 bits of information secret and does so by having multiple layers of protection called rounds. The key to unlock the information can vary from 32 bits up to 448 bits.


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