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Matt McShane

The motherboard is basically known as the HQ of the computer, recognized as the main component where other devices communicate. We are quite familiar with the different ports that connect to the motherboard, for example, the HDMI, the LAN port(ethernet), sound ports (pink is microphone, lime green is the audio and headphones, and the bleu is for other external devices), and the dvi. This is how we can see the communication from an HDMI Cable to the monitor to show visual images at a consistent rate. The CPU is a primary component of the motherboard which receives instructions from the hardware and software of the system. This key component can overheat if used most of the day. Parts of the computer can fry so certain steps need to be taken: we need to turn our computer off and let it cool down, and then reboot and check the temperature to make sure it is completely cooled down before being used again.


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